OutDaughtered: Six updates from the Busby's over the holiday season

OutDaughtered the family at Christams - Image credit - Adam Busby | Instagram.
OutDaughtered the family at Christams - Image credit - Adam Busby | Instagram.

Christmas and New Year with the kids brought ideas, photos and vlogs from the parents of the quintuplets and Blayke Louise.

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OutDaughtered: The Busby family shared some updates about the holiday season

"OutDaughtered" by TLC grabbed the hearts of fans across the world. Raising the quintuplets and their older sister Blayke Louise, brought The Busby's millions of followers. Over the holiday season, they shared some updates of the family. Waiting for new seasons always bring impatience, but their vlog helps to keep people informed. Plus, they often post on Instagram.


5 Day before Christmas and all parents have 'those days'

December 20, five days before Christmas, Danielle and Adam Busby posted up on their instagram. The photo shows them looking a bit harrassed. However, fans were supportive. One follower, @bella_sb102, wrote, "Sometimes you’re the windshield, sometimes you’re the bug. Tomorrow is a new day!"

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Just one of those days 🤪 #itsabuzzworld

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No wonder they looked harrassed, it's been a crazy time

Over on their YouTube Vlog, the Busby's brought out some updates and explained why it's been a crazy and hectic time for them. They had to move into a different house, which is always hard, never mind with so many kids. In the video below, you can see more about this move.

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