90 Day Fiancé” fans are happy to see Paul Staehle back on Instagram. The American reality star had threatened to deactivate his social media accounts due to his marital problems with his wife, Karine Martins. However, Paul appears to have reconsidered his decision, and he has reactivated his widely followed Instagram account. In his latest post, the 35-year-old made a joke about his relationship with his mother-in-law.

Paul posts a joke about Karine’s mother

Paul recently updated his Instagram story by posting a joke about his mother-in-law. He urged Karine’s mother to stop offering him advice on how to raise his children.

Paul joked that Karine was not perfect, and her mother had no right to interfere with their parenting duties. While many “90 Day Fiancé” viewers feel that Paul was teasing his mother-in-law, his strained relationship with Karine is still a serious affair. The couple had an intense argument in July, which led to Karine filing a restraining order against her husband. However, in an attempt to win back his wife’s trust, Paul traveled to Brazil to renovate their house. Notably, Paul is facing multiple charges over the fight with Karine.

Karine has kept a low profile ever since her fight with Paul

Karine and Paul have been starring in the ongoing season of “90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After.” During their time on the show, Paul has struggled to find a suitable apartment for his young family in Kentucky.

However, following his publicized fight with Karine, the American reality star traveled to Brazil to improve the living conditions in their home and win back his wife’s confidence. In a recent update about his stay in the South American country, Paul claimed that he had turned one of the bedrooms in their small house into a living room.

While the 35-year-old reality star is trying to reconcile with Karine, he may have to wait until their ongoing court case regarding rape allegations is determined.

Despite Paul’s attempts to extend an olive branch to Karine, the Brazilian reality star is yet to withdraw her rape allegations. After their fight, Karine claimed that Paul had forced her to have oral sex with him.

She accused her husband of installing cameras so that he could hold her hostage. In her police report, Karine declared that she feared for her life. The 23-year-old reality star has kept a low profile ever since she filed a restraining against her husband, but the couple could reunite on the “90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After” Tell All episodes. For now, fans can follow Paul on Instagram to learn more about his relationship with Karine’s family as he continues his stay in Brazil. The American reality star could use his close relationship with his wife’s family to win her back. However, he will have to refrain from posting jokes at his mother-in-law’s expense. Meanwhile, in the latest episode of the show, fans witnessed Elizabeth and Andrei's over the top wedding.