By now, every “America's Got Talent” performer has what it takes to entertain on bigger stages than he or she ever imagined. The decision for the AGT voters across America comes down to who truly deserves the million-dollar prize and the prestige of headlining in Las Vegas. This week's September 15 Season 15 second run of semifinals overflowed with energy, daring, and especially, a much-needed inspiration for these pandemic times.

Every performer was a familiar face to the “America's Got Talent” judges. Heidi Klum and Sofia Vergara stayed positive and encouraging with their feedback.

Howie Mandel started the night with a favorite, but the Canadian funnyman soon fell back into his penchant for feeling “so-so” and saying that he wasn't sure whether the acts had “stepped it up enough” to be in the finals. The tally will settle the story, revealing the five artists moving forward to the finals out of 11 performances.

“America's Got Talent” has always been more about the personal story of performers beyond flawless performance. Talent TV Shows abound, with many of the winners forgotten. Many of the competition’s contenders have their names in marquee lights, but the ones with the most lasting careers leave audiences was something from the heart, that usually started from the AGT stage.

Simon Cowell's golden buzzer on ‘America's Got Talent’ gets good vibes

The next best thing to seeing a happy and healthy Simon Cowell following his electric trail bike accident just might be seeing his golden buzzer pick, W.A.F.F.L.E. Crew, doing their, urban “industrialized” jam to Joe Budden’s “Pump It Up.” In their pre-performance introduction, the inner-city guys gave introductions of each other, and it's impossible not to feed off of the positivity and delight that the group brings to every routine.

From tools to tires and oil drums, the troupe danced their way through the Universal Studios lot, and let their flashy footwork, handstands, and endless somersaults take everyone out of their seats. Heidi Klum and Sofia Vergara raved about how W.A.F.F.L.E. Crew raises their excitement with every “America's Got Talent” performance.

Howie Mandel took it one further, calling the multitalented dancers “my favorite of the night.” Host Terry Crews commended the youth for their commitment to exemplify empowerment and positive change for their city. Simon would be proud, and no matter how they place in the AGT rankings, W.A.F.F.L.E. Crew will be remembered.

Hollywood Life via MSN offered a “hint” from Howie Mandel that Simon Cowell might make an appearance in “America's Got Talent” Season 15’s finale on September 15. Simon is a fan of soulful country singer, Kenadi Dodds. Howie was much kinder to Kenadi in her performance of Thomas Rhett’s “Be A Light” and all of the judges pronounced that it was a huge step up for the talented teen.

In her profile package, Kenadi walks through the Western movie lot of Universal with her dad, describing all she sees. The family suffers from a hereditary vision disease, so every detail is precious, and this daughter’s journey to her dream is even more precious.

As for another singer from the season who Simon was quite fond of, Celina, Howie wasn't quite as complimentary. Mandel praised her as “one of the best singers in the competition,” but he questioned her performance on Labrinth’s 2014 song, “Jealous.“ His “America's Got Talent” counterparts disagreed. Sofia Vergara reminded Celina that “you are always enough,” and had a vision of the singer performing at an awards show. Heidi Klum conceded that while only one person will win the million dollars, every finalist will take away so much more from the experience.

This artist has discovered who she is, and she has very far to go.

Las Vegas mentalist/magician Max Major chose Heidi Klum as his assistant in “going big” on the roulette wheel. He first asked her to hide a poker chip in her hands and let him guess which hand. He then asked each judge to choose a roulette number randomly, including Heidi. A family of viewers from the “America's Got Talent” fan wall also participated. Not only did her spin match the numbers, but so did a lottery ticket in Major’s wallet. The finish to the feat was a billboard sign showing the magician with the numbers. Howie and Sofia were “confused” by the elements of the trick, while Heidi praised that it was “completely random” and did go much bigger than any past stunt.

America will have the ultimate say.

Moving ‘America's Got Talent’ moments and moves gone wrong

Choirs tend to have a tough time when it gets to this level on “America's Got Talent.” Voices of Our City Choir offered one of the most inspiring performances of the night in the dedication of “Heroes” by David Bowie to the firefighters, the rescue teams, the medical staff, grocery workers, and farmers, among many more who continue to save lives every day. The performance started as a dedication to Voices of Our City Choir co-founder, Steph Johnson, from members of the ensemble whose lives have a new purpose because of her work.

Whether the numbers swinging their favor or not, this gifted and right-hearted group gave everyone watching the perfect gift in the number they chose.

Each of the judges expressed the power of hope that pulsates through the combined voices. The pause to listen in blue light was a prescription for the soul. Howie Mandel praised that the group brought unique “gravitas” to the stage that everyone needs to hear.

The beauty, courage, and strength of the Bello Sisters from Germany never cease to amaze the judges, who fully support the siblings’ quest to have their own Vegas-style show on the big stage somewhere. The panel doesn't deny that it's difficult to watch the ladies bend their knees backward, but where else but “America's Got Talent” offers such flexibility? At one point in this performance, one arm was supporting the weight of the three-person tower.

Hopefully, managers worldwide are watching to book this trio now.

Sofia Vergara was feeling “fine” when Brett Loudermilk told her she could stay safely in her seat for his semifinal performance. Instead, he requested that Howie Mandel come to the stage, and the results were certainly not appetizing for the famous germaphobe. The artist asked Heidi and Sofia to each select photos of objects to toss away. Of the remaining four photos, Sofia chose number four. The photograph depicted rubber chicken that was supposedly still inside of the magician since childhood. To prove his point, he had Howie Mandel open a metal briefcase to display an endoscopy scope and camera. With all of “America's Got Talent” and Howie watching, he inserted the tube to show the head of a rubber chicken.

Howie visibly gagged. Heidi, however, has always had a soft spot for performers who could swallow things. Remember the Regurgitator several seasons ago? Sofia may have been a little queasy, too, but fans seem to love the weird Loudermilk. Heidi teased that “You ducking scared me!” as Loudermilk left the stage.

Danger performer, Jonathan Goodwin, defied his own fear of heights and a past zip-lining accident to perform his highflying stunt. While being bound by padlocked chains, Goodwin was to cross a zipline while the attachment ropes were on fire. Somehow, without even a shred of a second left, he manages to reach his platform, but there was a discernible pause before the judges saw him rise to confirm he was alright.

With so many real-world life-and-death situations at the moment, it's hard to see how anyone can view danger as entertainment, but Jonathan Goodwin is an “America's Got Talent” contender.

Two stunning singers and two speedy dancers cap the ‘America's Got Talent’ semifinals

Cristina Rae didn't have the good fortune of being the last act in her semifinal bid. The last act is always the one most remembered. Nonetheless, the single mom delivered one of her most personal and timely renditions ever, choosing the song, “Jump” from the motion picture, “STEP.”

The song was the perfect accompaniment to the story of the mother who never lets her son feel the dire need in their home situation. She fosters three-year-old Jeremiah’s dreams and imagination, and he is always her biggest believer.

Looking luscious in her rose blush dress, every line of the song embraced belief and the decision not to sit by and allow dreams to fade. Rae wrapped her vocal range around the soaring chorus like a slipper and owned the song from start to finish. She didn't have the luxury of being last, but she is a talent to forever be remembered. When she was asked to give some words to her son, she reminded him to “always do the impossible.” This “America's Got Talent” dream is coming true for his mother. Sofia told her never to wear another color, and, of course, Heidi told everyone in America to vote for her golden buzzer talent.

The dance duo, Bad Salsa, has been blowing the judges away since their very first audition.

Their blazing yellow costumes became a blur as the two performers became one, doing somersaults in unison, blending into pinwheels, and performing lifts and steps with lightning speed. It seems Howie wasn't paying too much attention to some of the spins because he asked if a black protective guard on the knee of the female partner was for an injury. Heidi quickly jumped in, defending that “that's how she does all the spins!” “I knew that,” Howie sheepishly replied. “I just wanted America to know.” “America's Got Talent” has never seen dancing quite like this before.

Following in last week's footsteps with Roberta Battaglia, this week's “America's Got Talent” semifinals ended with a show-stopping performance by 14-year-old Daneliya Tuleshova, taking on Jessie J's “Who You Are.” “The kids are doing it all on the show this year!” Heidi Klum exclaimed. Howie Mandel reminded the teen from Kazakhstan that she was already a star who “knows what to do.” When a 14-year-old can sing with the artistry of a 40-year-old, any door can open.

Predictions for the performers moving forward to the finals:

Bad Salsa

Cristina Rae

W.A.F.F.L.E. Crew

Daneliya Tuleshova

Max Major