Loren Brovarnik is proud to be a mother. The American reality star has become more popular with the “90 Day Fiancé” fan base ever since she had her son, Shai, in April. Loren has kept fans updated about her life as a mother, and she has opened up about her struggles with postpartum depression and body dysmorphia. Four months after giving birth to her son, Loren appears happy with her new life, and she recently shared an adorable picture of her young family.

Loren posts her adorable family

Fans have praised Loren after she posted a cute picture posing with Alexei and Shai.

The young family was all smiles as they posed for the camera, and fans have praised the “90 Day Fiancé” couple for sharing such a wonderful moment. Alexei was shirtless as he held onto his son, while Loren looked cute in a cool pair of eyeglasses. From the picture, it appears that Loren and Alexei have embraced their responsibilities as new parents. “90 Day Fiancé” viewers have appreciated the couple for sticking together for more than six years.

Alexei and Loren’s incredible love story

Alexei and Loren made their debut on “90 Day Fiancé” in 2013. At the time, Loren traveled from New York on a birthright trip to Israel. Fortunately for the American reality star, she had her first encounter with Alexei during her trip, and the couple has claimed that they fell in love with each other after only ten days.

However, the couple had to wait until 2015 to tie the knot since Alexei’s K-1 visa to the United States took some time before it was approved. Even though 2020 has been a difficult year, Alexei and Loren have cheered their fans with several bits of good news throughout the year.

Alexei, a US citizen

In January, Alexei announced that had officially secured citizenship in the United States.

The Israel native claimed that he was relieved to become an American citizen since he had finally completed the long complicated process of applying for citizenship. Alexei and Loren had more good news in April when they welcomed their son. The couple has since made a return on “90 Day Fiancé: Pillow Talk” and they have frequently featured their son on the show.

Loren has also been vocal about her struggles with postpartum depression. The popular reality star has been a role model for other first-time mothers going through post-partum issues. From her latest Instagram post, it is clear that Alexei has been supportive of his wife despite her initial post-pregnancy struggles. The couple seems ready to embark on the next chapter of their lives, and fans hope that they will make more appearances on the “90 Day Fiancé” franchise. Stay tuned for more news and updates on reality shows.