Loren Brovarnik has been an inspiration to many “90 Day Fiancé” fans. The American reality star recently made her return on “90 Day Fiancé: Pillow Talk” after she gave birth to her first son, Shai. Loren delivered her son in April, and she has courageously talked about her struggles with body dysmorphia as well as postpartum depression. In her latest Instagram post, Loren shared a picture to highlight her progress after her pregnancy, and the post stunned many fans.

Fans love Loren's post-pregnancy picture

Loren looked beautiful in a black top and a pair of shorts.

The American reality star completed the look with a pair of fancy high heels. To caption the picture, Loren told fans that she had finally lost enough weight to fit into her favorite shorts. Loren also made fun of her husband, Alexei after he photobombed her picture in his boxer shorts. Alexei had no idea that Loren was taking the photograph, and fans have praised the couple for their playful nature. From Loren’s latest picture, it appears that she is now confident to share her post-pregnancy pictures.

Alexei and Loren have grown closer since welcoming their first son

The American reality star opened up about her struggles with body dysmorphia in a past Instagram post. Loren told fans that she had always been insecure about the shape of her body even before conceiving her son.

However, her body dysmorphia got worse during her pregnancy, and she suffered postpartum depression after she gave birth to Shai. Loren has admitted that she did not feel a strong maternal bond with her son during the early stages of their relationship. However, the American reality star eventually got over her depression. Loren also revealed that her relationship with Alexei has improved after they welcomed their first child.

Since Alexei and Loren returned on “90 Day Fiancé: Pillow Talk,” fans have observed that the couple appears to have grown much closer. Loren confirmed her strong connection with her husband in a recent interview, where she claimed that their son had made them fall in love with each other more than ever before. Loren first met Alexei during a birthright trip to Israel, and the couple decided to move to the United States after they hit it off during Loren’s 10-day stay in Israel.

Earlier this year, Alexei announced that he had secured permanent citizenship in America. The two reality stars can now raise their son without worrying about Alexei’s residency status. Fans have praised Alexei for supporting Loren during her pregnancy, as well as helping her overcome her postpartum depression. After seeing Loren’s latest weight loss picture, “90 Day Fiancé” viewers are confident that the American reality star will attain her pre-pregnancy figure.