Loren Brovarnik is not ashamed of her body. The American reality star gave birth to her first son, Shai, in April, and she has shared her parenthood journey with her fans. Loren and her husband, Alexei, made a return to "90 Day Fiancé: Pillow Talk" earlier this month. The couple is popular with many "90 Day Fiancé" viewers, which has also helped them garner a huge following on their social media accounts. Loren often interacts with her followers on Instagram, and her latest post moved many fans.

In a recent, touching post, Loren shared a picture of herself in a bra while holding her son.

The American reality star captioned the picture by sharing a heartwarming message updating fans on the progress she has made since she gave birth to Shai. Loren told fans that her son was 17 weeks old and that she was proud of herself for overcoming her postpartum depression. She opened up about her insecurities, claiming that she had always struggled with her body shape but that she has learned to love and appreciate her figure since her son came into her life.

Feeding and nourishing Shai

The American reality star added that feeding and nourishing Shai, from her own body, had helped her overcome her low self-esteem. Loren told fans that having her son was a blessing, and she joked that Shai was growing up too fast.

Even though she has not achieved her weight loss goals, Loren told fans that overcoming her postpartum depression had given her the confidence to post her current body shape on Instagram. She encouraged young mothers struggling with postpartum depression to reach out to other moms. Loren has admitted that her decision to connect with other women on social media had played a huge role in reminding her that she was a strong and incredible woman.

Fans have praised Loren

"90 Day Fiancé" fans praised Loren for sharing her post-pregnancy pictures. Viewers feel that the American reality star displayed a lot of confidence and maturity by sharing the pictures. Loren’s Instagram followers appreciated her for sharing her story, and they feel that she will serve as a great example, to other women, for how to overcome postpartum depression.

Loren has also received praise for her charming personality on "90 Day Fiancé: Pillow Talk." Some viewers have observed that she has had some increasingly witty and profound observations after making her return from her brief hiatus. Loren and Alexei also feature their son on some episodes on the show, and their journey has been a source of entertainment for a majority of fans. After seeing Loren’s post, many viewers are optimistic that she will continue strengthening the bond with her son. The upcoming Pillow Talk episodes could see Loren reveal more details about her challenging parenthood experience.