This week's “America's Got Talent” had to believe that three was a lucky number. The August 25 AGT competition was the third week of quarterfinals. The season’s three judges-- Howie Mandel, Heidi Klum, and Sofia Vergara-- took the helm at the judge's table. There was no fill-in for Simon Cowell, but Howie certainly spoke of how he missed the show's founder. There was no missing any of the gifted performers offering their talent. The only thing anyone could dislike about the phenomenal night is that America's voters have to choose only five acts to move forward.

High energy and heart got this ‘America's Got Talent’ rolling

Heidi Klum and Sofia Vergara couldn't help but to dance in their seats after seeing the sizzling and high-speed Latin dance moves of Dance Town Family. The troupe consisting of children to older adults dazzled with their footwork and tossing their ladies into the air, catching everyone on cue. To top it all off, they did their super-speed routine while wearing masks. Heidi proclaimed that the group “danced their way to Vegas” in their little salsa steps. Sofia loved their message of unity and diversity as much as she did their dance routine, including every age. Howie Mandel called the dancers the perfect exemplification of “Conga meets the virus.” They certainly brought the perfect lift to start the ”America's Got Talent” night.

Singer-songwriter Nolan Neal gave a lift of hope and heart with his touching original ballad, “Send Me a Butterfly.” The moving song chronicling the composer’s journey through addiction to hope was moving to Heidi Klum and Howie, who agreed with Simon that Nolan was “memorable.” For Sofia, though, the impact was more poignant.

The “America's Got Talent” musician moved her to tears with his audition song, “Lost,” and she again expressed the courage it takes to share a story of coming through addiction on the stage. AGT host Terry Crews asked Nolan what advice he could give to someone in a similar circumstance in these days. The songwriter replied: “Just hold on, it's going to get better, never lose hope.” Neal became Howie Mandel’s first favorite act.

Things didn't go so well with this quarterfinal performance for Usama Siddiqee. The comedian’s humor was edgy and daring during his audition, playing on his heritage and the prejudices against it. This time, however, Usama dared a bit too much with his routine about a stranger yelling his name through an airport. The comedian continued, saying he “looked like a terrorist who was late for work” while carrying his huge bag. He didn't please Heidi Klum or Sofia Vergara with his joke about the word “tramp,” either. Howie Mandel cheers for comics and even he told Siddiqee that the second half was a flop. Sofia Vergara suggested that the comic would be better suited for a sitcom than a standard routine.

Walking the comedic line between courage and disaster can be dangerous, and now this comedian’s “America's Got Talent” future rests with the voters.

Simon’s ‘America's Got Talent’ golden buzzer pick goes old-school musical as more talents make moves

W.A.F.F.L.E. Crew was not only the act that earned Simon Cowell’s golden buzzer, they were gave “the best audition I’ve ever seen” in the recuperating judge’s words. For their “America's Got Talent” quarterfinals performance, the innovative and energetic troupe toured New York symbols on the Universal lot staging areas. They did handstands and headstands on steps. They took pole dancing to a whole new level on a New York subway. They even danced sitting down.

Heidi Klum loved the feel of the “old-school musical” in their spirited routine. Howie applauded the group’s spirit and declared that his friend Simon was right in his selection. He then declared that W.A.F.F.L.E. Crew was his favorite act of the night. It wouldn't last for long.

“America's Got Talent” reached number one in the ratings this week, according to TheWrap on August 25. The success is no surprise, considering that almost everything in the land of TV Shows is done virtually. The AGT production team has at least worked hard to broadcast performances live to the judges, with a few more done outdoors and from a distant stage.

The 12-year-old Australian singer, Annie Jones, didn't let the current circumstances slow her down.

The industrious girl started her own virtual TV show among friends. The practice sessions paid off because the young girl with the powerhouse voice poured her heart into Lady Gaga and Arianna Grande’s “Rain on Me.” All of the judges felt her passion in every note. Sofia marveled at her confidence onstage. She will definitely have the stage somewhere, no matter how her “America's Got Talent” stint ends.

The facial expressions during the shoulder-dislocating, bone twisting turns of the South African contortionists, Bone Breakers, were as spooky for Heidi Klum as their rubber bones. Sofia Vergara vacillates between having to shield her eyes and being lured to look at their inhuman postures. When Howie Mandel asked: “Doesn't it hurt?” the leader of the ensemble said: “You get used to it.” There's definitely an audience out there who would crave the bone-crushing satisfaction of a show with these guys, whether it's “America's Got Talent” or elsewhere.

These young artists have already proved they can rise above poverty to achieve their dreams. Howie chose the group as another favorite act.

Drummer Malik DOPE dedicated his passionate percussion performance to his father, who is now in “later stages of life” due to injuries from the past car accident. The heart of the young man beat through every tap and swirl on a variety of drum sets. The percussionist put his whole heart into fervent beats on others. The story of this “America's Got Talent” contender is as worthy as his talent. Howie Mandel praised the personal strength in his performance, and Malik may indeed find his own stage to pursue his dreams. He leaped through fire in this performance, and his father is already proud.

Malik also made favorite act status with Howie

Earlier in Season 15, mentalist Max Major performed a stunning socially-distanced magic trick from 800 miles away in Las Vegas. He chose the ace of diamonds long before Sofia Vergara chose the card herself, and she and her co-judges were mesmerized. This time, Max was onstage and involved the wall of live viewers in his trick. He asked everyone watching from a distance to draw a picture on a clean sheet from a pad. He then asked Howie Mandel to visualize a clock with hands turning and to stop it at a certain time. Max had preset a time on his own watch, and it turned out to be exactly four o’clock. Next, Major asked the judge to picture a billboard in his mind and to draw the image on that billboard so only he could see.

The magician then asked then demonstrated that he had put the same drawing of a sun on his paper sealed in an envelope. Beyond that, when the viewers revealed their drawings, they were all drawings of the sun. Max took it one step further, showing how his “America's Got Talent” preview video had numerous drawings of the sun spread throughout the scenes. It was mind-bending and the wall viewers seemed to love it.

Singer and fashion guru, Sheldon Riley, described how his “America's Got Talent” experience had helped him to realize there was a place where he could be accepted just for who he is. After his emotional rendition of Kylie Minogue's “Can't Get You Out of My Head,” he gushed over meeting Heidi Klum and telling her what a positive direction she gave for his life through her comments and support of LGBTQ communities.

She was happy that Sheldon had found confidence and peace in his life. Sofia told Sheldon that she loved “the mystery and the magic” he created.

The final two performers on ‘America's Got Talent’ go to divine heights in different ways

The last two acts of the evening took anyone watching to heavenly places in very different ways. Aerialist Alan Silva performed a very lyrical ballet-like display of artistry and strength in his audition. For his quarterfinal effort, this courageous little person raised up the music and raised the danger stakes. Doing his incredible drops from tremendous heights to the choruses of Lady Gaga's “Stupid Love” and then sailing from the scaffolding, Silva did the death-defying feat at the end of his “America's Got Talent” performance.

Spikes rose from beneath the stage. Just as the aerialist was about to unravel himself from the highest perch. In a flash, he descended, barely above the spears. The judges unanimously applauded the simultaneous mix of fear for the audience and impossible courage for the artist.

Cristina Rae completely captivated everyone in earshot of her amazing voice when Simon Cowell asked that she sing a “second encore.” The single mom with a precious three-year-old son, Jeremiah, dreams of nothing more than having a home, not just a house, and a bedroom for her boy. She gave her son a kiss before going on stage for the performance that could change her future. The vision of the singer at the center of the stage before she launched into Leonard Cohen's “Hallelujah” was a sign of something special to come.

Cohen’s hopeful anthem was transformed into Cristina’s crowning jewel. This is probably the only song that could outdo “Gimme Shelter” from her “America's Got Talent” audition. She decorated every verse with astounding runs that exemplified her vocal range. Sofia agreed that her voice was otherworldly. Howie Mandel raved over her fabulous range. Of course, Heidi Klum praised that her golden buzzer pick “sang the song flawlessly.” America's vote may change Cristina Rae’s future forever and make dreams possible for her son, too. With too many favorites to name, Howie Mandel simply called this third week of quarterfinals "the best show" of this season.

Predictions for the five acts moving forward

Cristina Rae

W.A.F.F.L.E. Crew

Alan Silva

Nolan Neal

Max Major