"90 Day Fiancé" reality star, Juliana Custodio, has taken to her Instagram to share a 34-seconds long video with her 293 thousand followers. In the video, Juliana was sitting at the dining table with Maxwell Jessen, Sarah, and her husband. They were arguing about the game, but Sarah's husband seemed confused and tired in the video.

Cece, Michael's daughter, walked into the video and later left. The camera also captured their two dogs. One of the dogs was on the chair while the other one was under the table. Juliana captioned the post, "Game night with Jessen family."

Fans react to Juliana Custodio video

One of Juliana's fans commented, "The guy looks so annoyed," and the reality star replied to the comment with laughing emojis.

One fan commented negatively, "Does anyone think maybe she was brought over to the US to be a nanny?"

Another fan replied, saying she didn't think that because Michael and Sarah's kids were smart and more polite than most adults, she has seen and so didn't need a nanny. Juliana's husband, Michael, replied to the negative comment saying it was only the haters that thought so.

Juliana posts photos of herself

Juliana also posted black and white photos of herself. The first photo showed Juliana in a white bodysuit, posed uniquely. The second photo, Her husband, Michael, commented, "beautiful," and one of Julian's followers replied to his comments asking Michael what he had to do to get someone like Juliana.

Michael asked the person to ask Juliana, and Juliana said that Michael was a prince, and there were many qualities he had that made her love him.

The 23-year-old Brazilian model went to China at the age of eight to start her modeling career. The reality star revealed that the people she worked for often pressured her to lose weight, and she was also scammed during her early modeling stage.

Juliana is in her 20s while Michael is in his 40s. The "90 Day Fiancé" duo met in Croatia on a yacht. Fans were very skeptical when the two of them aired on the show because of their age difference and how they met, but the two of them never seemed to care, they just focused on themselves and their relationship. They also struggled with the visa process, but Michael often traveled to see her and spend time.

Now they seem to be happy together and have less to worry about. The amazing bond Juliana has with Sarah, Michael's ex-wife has caught some viewers' attention. They've set themselves as an excellent example of maturity and love.

What do you think of Juliana and Michael? What do you think of the game night? What do you think about the friendship Juliana and Michael's ex have? Do you think it's cool for Sarah's husband to be at the table with Michael and Sarah's kids?