"90 Day Fiancé" star Annie Suwan and her husband, David Toborowsky recently posted a hilarious video on Instagram which left fans in stitches. The two reality stars are among the most popular couples to ever appear on the "90 Day Fiancé" series, and fans have praised them for their exceptional chemistry. In their latest video, Annie tried out a Durian fruit which she had bought in the United States. The Thailand native was not impressed with the results, and she told fans that she had spent $109 to buy the fruit. While Annie’s followers enjoyed her hilarious reactions in the clip, a section of fans has speculated that she could be pregnant due to her appearance in the video.

Annie and David's relationship on '90 Day Fiance'

Ever since Annie and David tied the knot, "90 Day Fiancé" viewers have urged the couple to have a baby together. After seeing Annie’s latest Instagram video, some fans feel that she could finally be pregnant. According to the fans, Annie appeared to have gained a few pounds in her latest video, and while her tummy was not clearly visible, many fans feel that the Thailand native could be adding on some pregnancy weight. Even though fans have expressed their desire to see Annie and David start their own family, it remains highly unlikely that Annie is pregnant.

In a past interview, the two reality stars admitted that they had no baby plans. David revealed that he had undergone a vasectomy operation to prevent him from having any more children.

However, the American reality star admitted that he was open to reversing the procedure if Annie asked him to do it. The couple has insisted that they enjoy spending time together and having a baby is not among their top priorities. While there is still time for Annie and David to change their minds in the next few months, it is clear that the two reality stars are happy living together.

Life in USA

David and Annie have worked hard to improve their quality of life in the United States. When they first moved to America from Thailand, the couple went through some financial difficulties. At the time, David did not have a stable job, while Annie had not yet received a work permit. The two reality stars had to live in a friend’s storage room, and they later moved in with David’s family.

Despite their struggles, David and Annie remained loyal to each other, and they soon overcame their financial difficulties when David secured a well-paying job, while Annie received her work permit. The two reality stars now live in Arizona, and fans have praised them for their dedication to each other. "90 Day Fiancé" viewers hope that the couple will reconsider their decision and have a baby together in the next few years.