Colt Johnson and his Brazilian girlfriend, Jess, appear to be on their way to another big fight in the upcoming episode of "90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After." The two reality stars had a dramatic quarrel in a previous episode after Jess found out that Colt was still in contact with his mysterious female friend named Vanessa. During their argument, Jess threw a temper tantrum as she complained that Colt had lied to her, and at one point, the 26-year-old reality star threw her high heels at her boyfriend. Despite the strain that his friendship with Vanessa has put on his relationship with Jess, fans have learned that Colt allowed Vanessa to live with his family.

Colt and Vanessa

In a preview clip for next Sunday’s episode, Colt tells producers that Vanessa moved into their house, and she is now his new roommate. While making the shocking revelation, Colt admits that he has not informed Jess about his new living situation, and he is afraid that she will react angrily to the news. However, to justify his decision, Colt claims that Vanessa recently went through a difficult divorce, and he offered to comfort her by letting her stay at his mother’s house. Fans have now criticized Colt for his behavior during his relationship with Jess. "90 Day Fiancé" viewers have pointed out that Colt has been using his Brazilian girlfriend as a rebound, and his mother, Debbie, confirmed the fan’s suspicions in the trailer for Sunday’s episode.

Debbie told producers that her son has been using Jess as a rebound following his recently concluded divorce with his ex-wife Larissa. Debbie added that Colt was desperate when he started dating Jess, and she has not hidden her disapproval of the couple’s relationship. Debbie confronted her son about his recent fight with Jess and questioned whether she loved him.

Colt’s mother took issue with Jess’s conduct during their quarrel, claiming that she wouldn’t have yelled and screamed at Colt if she loved him.

Colt defended Jess

However, Colt defended Jess’s actions during their fight. The American reality star claimed that he loved Jess, and he was serious about their relationship. Colt argued that Jess’s violent behavior did not bother him.

He claimed that Jess was passionate about their relationship, and her fiery attitude during their fight had only made him more attracted to her. Even though Colt is optimistic about his future with Jess, fans feel that the Brazilian reality star will not react positively to the news that Vanessa is his new roommate. It will be interesting to see whether Jess will keep her cool when she finally gets to meet Vanessa in person. Fans should tune in to TLC this Sunday to watch another potential fight between Colt and Jess.