Juliana Custodio and Michael Jessen generated mixed reactions when they starred on the seventh season of "90 Day Fiancé." Many fans were skeptical about the couple’s commitment to each other because of their controversial back story. Michael, a successful businessman from Greenwich Connecticut, admitted that he first met Juliana while partying on a yacht in Croatia. Several viewers felt that Michael and Juliana’s relationship was not genuine, and they did not expect the couple to have a long relationship. However, the two reality stars defied the expectations of many fans when they tied the knot when the season concluded.

Juliana’s picture

After their time on "90 Day Fiancé" ended, the couple has been updating fans about their daily activities on social media. Over the weekend, Juliana posted several pictures on her Instagram account that shocked many of her followers. The 23-year-old Brazilian model was almost unrecognizable with her curly long hairstyle. Juliana had also applied makeup on her face, and her beautiful appearance impressed many of her followers. To caption her post, Juliana encouraged her fans to do their hair and apply their makeup whenever they felt like it. She revealed that she had worked on her appearance to make herself happy.

Fans reaction on the picture

Many female fans appreciated Juliana for her encouraging words.

"90 Day Fiance" fans have also praised Juliana for her positive attitude. During her time on the popular reality show, viewers had their doubts about Juliana’s ability to get along with Michael’s children and his ex-wife. At the time, Michael’s ex-wife, Sarah, told producers that she wouldn’t allow Juliana to take over any parental responsibilities over her two children, Max and CeCe.

Despite the early tension in her relationship with Michael, Juliana eventually won over Michael’s family. The 23-year-old often posts pictures on her Instagram account showing her having a pleasurable time with her husband’s children. They all recently got together to celebrate Michael’s birthday, and when Juliana posted a video of the occasion on her Instagram page, she declared that she would always love him.

Even though fans have expressed their delight at seeing Juliana get along with Michael’s children, many have wondered whether the couple will have children of their own. Earlier this year, Michael revealed that he had discussed the topic with Juliana, and the couple was open to having children together over the next few years. 90 Day Fiance viewers are looking forward to seeing the couple start their own family. For now, Juliana appears happy with her modeling career, and she could continue sharing her make up secrets and beauty tips with her followers. It remains to be seen whether Juliana and Michael will appear on future "90 Day Fiancé" seasons. Fans wouldn’t mind seeing the couple have another run on the popular reality show.