HRH The Duchess of Sussex is on her way to motherhood but she took the time to meet a section of students and leaders at King’s College London. It was a part of the Association of Commonwealth Universities (ACU) agenda and the purpose was to discuss different aspects of higher education so that the world can be a better place to live in. Ever since she got the title of HRH, she has focused her attention on education of girls and female empowerment.

People reports that a photo shared by the ACU shows her seated at the head of the table. The objective of the meet was to work out modalities of building a better world through higher education.

Meghan loved the subject. During her Fiji tour with Prince Harry in October, she made her first speech as a royal where she dwelt at length on education and stressed that this is the only tool that can empower women.

Michelle Obama met Meghan Markle

Former US First Lady Michelle Obama was in London as a part of her global tour in support of her memoir “Becoming.” Meghan Markle did not want to miss the opportunity to meet her. It was a private affair and a section of the media reports that Michelle shared plenty of her experiences with Meghan, the American actress turned royalty. The topics ranged from pregnancy and raising of children to the education of girls.

Therefore, while interacting with the audience at King’s College, HRH The Duchess of Sussex mentioned her own experiences at college.

She admitted that education needs money and coming from a humble background, she had no other option but to rely on scholarships, financial aid programs, and work-study to finance her way through the portals of college and university. The struggle in those early days increased her confidence to take on the world.

People adds that during her speech in Fiji, Meghan had highlighted the fact that education is important for everyone but vital for women and girls in developing countries.

She looks at education as a tool and says, “they can create incredible futures, not only for themselves but for all of those around them”

Meghan Markle worries about the education of girls

According to Cosmopolitan, HRH The Duchess of Sussex met former First Lady Michelle Obama who is in London on a book tour of her memoirs.

One of the subjects they discussed was the education of girls. Therefore, when Meghan Markle went to King's College London today to speak with the Association of Commonwealth Universities, she chose to focus on education and female empowerment. Of course, other topics like human trafficking and gender equality also came up for discussion but Meghan showed the commitment to her goal.