Harry and wife Meghan Markle are in Britain to take part in their final set of royal engagements before they step down as senior working royals. They made the announcement quite some time back. Meghan Markle and Harry had been staying in Canada with their son Archie since November. In Britain, the couple has attended the Endeavour Fund Awards. The Royal Foundation had set up this charity meant for sick and injured personnel of the armed forces. It aims to extend financial assistance to activities that promote sporting and adventure projects that can help the recovery of the veterans.

Mansion House in London was the venue for the ceremony. This was the first public appearance of Harry and Meghan after 7 January when they visited Canada House.

The Guardian says it was raining when they reached the venue in a Range Rover. They had to protect themselves under an umbrella. Well-wishers were there to cheer them in spite of the bad weather. Meghan Markle has not appeared in public in the UK since the announcement of stepping down. Harry has already relinquished his honorary military titles. He and Meghan will no longer officially represent the Queen.

However, he wants to maintain links with patronages he founded. These are the Endeavour Fund and the Invictus Games. In his speech at the award, he said - “Being able to serve Queen and country is something we all are rightly proud of, and it never leaves us. Once served, always serving!”

Harry and Meghan Markle in London

The first priority of Meghan Markle and Harry is to attend to their official engagements.

They will also engage in private meetings with several of their patronages. Their spokesperson confirms this. The two of them were spotted outside Buckingham Palace. However, there is no confirmation on whether the Queen had met them. She was at the time at her London residence. Meghan Markle and Harry had a private lunch at a hotel which is known to be a favorite of the royals.

The Guardian goes on to add that Harry had come to the UK alone. He attended an eco-tourism summit in Scotland. Later, he came to the Abbey Road recording studios in London made famous by the Beatles. It seems he had spent some time with the Queen on Sunday. Meghan Markle remained in Canada with their son Archie. She has now joined Harry for their final engagement as royals. They have one such activity left. That is the traditional Commonwealth Day service. It will be at Westminster Abbey and the Queen and other senior royals will be present on the occasion.

Frogmore Cottage can be used by Meghan Markle and Harry

According to Fox News, the Queen owns the Frogmore Cottage and it will continue to remain the home of Meghan Markle and Harry when they are in the U.K. The Sussex Royal website confirms this. It says - “The Duke and Duchess of Sussex will continue to use Frogmore Cottage – with the permission of Her Majesty The Queen – as their official residence as they continue to support the Monarchy, and so that their family will always have a place to call home in the United Kingdom.” They have two royal engagements lined up before March 31, the official date they will no longer need to fulfill their royal duties. The first of these was the 2020 Endeavour Fund Awards.

The second, the Commonwealth Day in London. Meghan and Harry have plans to split their time between Canada and England. They have close bonds with both countries. Meghan Markle and Harry are working on creating a new organization. It is in the formative stage and will be themed on the Commonwealth, community, youth empowerment, and mental health.

‘Suits’ actor Meghan Markle rebuilding her life

It has been three eventful years for Meghan Markle. She was an actor in the legal drama “Suits” when she met Harry through a common friend. That was in 2017 and they got married next year. She was an American and he was a Briton. It was a marriage of two cultures and she tried to adjust to a new lifestyle. In 2019, Meghan became a mother and by the end of the year, she and Harry decided to step down from royal duties. She is now in the process of rebuilding her life.