Season 15 of “America's Got Talent” has already seen its share of changes. Sofia Vergara has taken her seat at the judges’ table, and she's already so settled in that Heidi Klum declared, “I like sitting next to Sofia,” when Simon Cowell asked recently if she missed sitting next to him.

Two international megastars on the panel has proved to be a plus for the hopefuls on stage, like the young dancers who carried on quite the conversation with Vergara. Germany and Colombia have a beautiful peace accord on “America's Got Talent,” but this past Tuesday, June 23, fans and her fellow judges were sad to see Heidi missing from the middle of the cozy group again.

Social media was surging with support for Heidi, with one “America's Got Talent” follower noting that “it's simply not the same show” without the spirited Klum smiling, dancing, and doing her thing from the center.

Heidi Klum was as gracious as ever in giving thanks to guest judge, Eric Stonestreet, as Yahoo reported on June 25. The “Modern Family” co-star came through on short notice at the behest of Sofia Vergara, happily noting that “I was in my kitchen this morning,” and seemingly delighted to be part of the AGT experience.

America's Got Talent” is ruling the ratings, like Variety and other entertainment outlets note, but Heidi Klum's time at home in bed would soon lead to other big changes for the biggest draw among summer TV Shows.

Howie Mandel did the ‘America's Got Talent’ check-in on Heidi Klum

“Thank you @ericstonestreet for filling in for me when I was home sick,” writes Heidi in her Instagram message, before announcing the “America's Got Talent” episode. Her caption fits perfectly with the photo of Stonestreet in her chair at the make-up table.

Fans got to see a snippet of a teary and concerned Heidi Klum in a phone conversation with Howie Mandel.

The mom and model fell ill near mid-March, and for a time, she was not able to get a test for the coronavirus. She was instructed to go into quarantine, and later, fortunately, she and her husband, Tom Kaulitz, were tested to be COVID-19 free.

“Rest, stay hydrated, take care of yourself, and disinfect everything,” Howie encouraged his “America's Got Talent” cohort.

“For me, this is life. I was doing all of this long before this virus thing,” reminded the funny man. Terry Crews concurred in a preseason interview that “Howie became the smartest man on “America's Got Talent” for the way the famous germaphobe has always taken extreme precautions.

Stunning acts came out for Stonestreet and company on ‘America's Got Talent’

As always, no matter who's around to give opinions, “America's Got Talent” delivers the most unique performing artists on any stage, and this night was no exception. Annie Jones from Australia did a spin to remember on “Dance Monkey” for the opener. She was also sharp as ever in her dance moves in white hightops.

Another lady who “blew the cork off and crushed it,” according to Howie Mandel, was Georgia singer, Shaquira McGrath.

She works as a server at the Atlanta Braves stadium, but she proved without a doubt that she belongs on the big stage with her ripping rendition of Gretchen Wilson's “Redneck Woman.” Shaquira didn't just own the song in a whole new way, she owned every second and every square inch of the “America's Got Talent” stage. She's already up to over 1 million views on YouTube, so hopefully, her days are already getting a lot better.

America's Got Talent” never holds age or experience against a performer, and it worked to the advantage of working comedian, Ty Barnett. The doting dad put himself through pharmacy school to support the family but has worked in comedy for 18 years. His nerves hindered him for a bit, but Ty quickly found his gear.

He touted everything from chivalry from “a certain age,” to a middle-age perspective on horror movies. The 40-something funnyman had the crowd and the panel in the palm of his hand by the close of his routine, and Simon loved the bit about the kids in horror flicks.

The West African dance troupe, The Bonebreakers, took on “Taki Taki” by DJ Snake, and while none of the handsome guys came close to resembling a snake, they twisted every limb in their bodies. Expect these artists to stay awhile on “America's Got Talent.”

In the tradition of “America's Got Talent,” closing acts are something special, and Alan Silva did not disappoint. The humble artist described “being bullied” for most of his life because of his appearance and stature as a little person.

Simon Cowell replied that he didn't have to “worry about that here.” Cowell’s new emphasis on inclusiveness could be prompted by the allegations made by last season's judge, Gabrielle Union. The tone is certainly more accepting in Season 15.

In his remarks, Alan mentioned that his brother, who is the husband-half of the Season 11 AGT favorite, Deadly Games, was rooting for him and the audience. Known for throwing knives, the brother was shooting nothing but pride and love to his sibling on stage. Alan hoisted himself in white scarves, literally to the ceiling, uncoiling himself at incredible speed. Alan was vindicated fully as a person and a performer as he landed precisely on the stage, to a thunderous ovation.

It was too bad that Heidi Klum could only watch this one on TV, but certainly a forever memory for those in attendance.

The preview hints that the ‘America's Got Talent’ live audience will have a curtain call

Everyone is overjoyed that Heidi and her family are safe and well, but the remaining performances on “America's Got Talent” for Season 15 will be missing perhaps the most crucial element in the competition-- the live audience.

“I feed off of you,” Simon Cowell frequently tells the crowd. In a preview of next week, host Terry Crews is seen (and heard), asking the judges: “Do you think you can do this?” The backdrop shows an empty auditorium.

Whether “America's Got Talent” loses its sizzle or its rating magic with the transition to the virtual world, and the judges’ panel assessing the acts from home, is yet to be seen, but the coming weeks will be different, without the rush of human hype to drive the talents or the broadcast. Someone will still take the million dollars, and many lives will change forever.