Mama June Shannon is making a little headway with her family. June's daughter Lauryn Pumpkin Shannon has revealed that she is ready to give her mom another shot at being a part of her life, despite all of her legal issues, reports In Touch.

Mama June Shannon appears to be breaking down the family walls that have been built up by her children. Things have been intense for the Shannon family ever since June went off the rails barreling into a crazy drug-fueled world with boyfriend Geno Doak. However, it appears as if there is a bit of light at the end of the tunnel.

During the June 5 episode, all signs pointed to Pumpkin being ready to begin the healing process and she set up a secret meeting with June.

Lauryn listens as Mama June Shannon asks for forgiveness

Pumpkin, who has taken on the job of custodial caregiver for little sister Alana, Honey Boo Boo Thompson set up the secret meeting with Mama June without telling Alana.

It could be that no matter how Pumpkin feels about June she continues to have one thing on her mind, protecting Alana at all costs. As previously reported by Blasting News, in February, June revealed via social media that while she knows she is far from perfect, she feels that everyone in her family really misunderstood her.

She also implied that her addiction and careless behavior may have placed her family members in danger claiming she had gotten involved with some dangerous people who would have no issues coming for her family to reach her.

However, at this time there is a distinct possibility that Mama June Shannon has decided to change her ways. People reports that June has found a new job, delivering luggage from the airport.

Pumpkin takes a big risk with Mama June Shannon

June also revealed that troubled boyfriend Geno Doak is also employed by the airport and that the two are working together to make a living calling it "real life."

The Sun reports that June, who met with the show's producers appeared to be unkempt, with missing teeth and various patches of missing hair.

They also claim that June appeared to be slurring her words a bit as she avoided answering several questions about her life with Geno.

Honey Boo Boo and Pumpkin forgive Mama June Shannon

Hopefully, June Shannon's new outlook on life these days is for the best and not just a charade that she and Geno have cooked up to lure the judge and her into believing that she has turned over a new leaf.

Time will tell if Shannon's intentions are honest and if she does not end up hurting her children all over again. It would be very sad to see Pumpkin and Honey Boo Boo get their hopes up only to have their hopes and hearts crushed once again by their mother. It would be incredibly hard for them to come back a second time following a blow such as that.

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