"From Not To Hot" reality star Mama June Shannon has reportedly given her estranged family members more reasons for concern. According to The Blast, Mama June is back on social media and this time it is not to reach out to her children. She recently posted a pair of her Nike tennis shoes for sale on Facebook and her family is getting increasingly worried about her actions.

Shannon shared a photo of a pair of black and red Nikes stating that they were used but only worn "3 times." She is asking $70 for the shoes and stated she would meet up with the interested buyer in McDonough Georgia.

It did not take long for June's family members to see the post and begin commenting on her social media page.

June Shannon refusing help

Sandra Hale, who is June Shannon's mother, posted a plea to her daughter in hopes she would get some help stating; "June u need to get help before u lose everything and everyone. He is not good for u all he wants is ur money or everything u got for him and his family. U need to think of your own girls and grandkids who love and miss u. I never thought u would end up like this and let a man run you over and take everything u worked for."

June's sister Janice also left a comment on June's Facebook post telling her sister that her brother "would be so disappointed in you." She then asked her troubled sister to please give her a call, or get herself some help.

Is it too late for June Shannon?

It is more than obvious Mama June's family is still very concerned about her well being and wants her to get away from her troubled boyfriend Geno Doak. They feel he is responsible for June's downfall into drug addiction and financial troubles. June fired back to her commenting family members by telling them she hasn't spoken with them and has no desire to speak with them, especially her mom Sandra Hale.

She went to state Sandra hasn't cared for anyone but herself and has no idea what is going on in her life.

Mama June ignores family

June Shannon has been reportedly struggling for quite some time with drug addiction and financial issues. The problem became so out of hand in the past year that June's daughter Pumpkin took over caring for her youngest sister Alana Honey Boo Boo Thompson.

The girls have reached out many times to June pleading with her to get help, but June continues to shut them down, preferring the company of Geno over her family.

Life has continued to trek downhill for June Shannon, and since her arrest, she has also sold off all of her household possessions and her home and has been living day to day in hotel and motel rooms, according to a report from Fox News.