Varya Malina and Geoffrey Paschel surprised fans in last Sunday’s season finale when they decided to get back together. Earlier in the season, fans thought that the couple’s relationship was over after Varya refused to accept Geoffrey’s proposal. At the time, the Russian reality star said that she was not ready to commit to Geoffrey. After having his heart broken by Varya’s rejection, Geoffrey left Russia and returned to the United States. The Tennessee native soon got into a relationship with another woman named Mary.

Varya and Geoffrey's relationship

However, in a recent interview, Varya revealed that Geoffrey did not inform her that he was seeing someone else. The popular reality star said that she saved up some money after rejecting Geoffrey’s proposal and traveled to the United States to see him. When Varya appeared on Geoffrey’s doorstep, she was stunned to learn that Geoffrey had already moved on and started dating. Varya confronted her boyfriend over his relationship with Mary, and Geoffrey eventually decided to end it and give Varya a second chance. The American reality star proposed to his Russian girlfriend for a second time, and she gladly accepted his proposal.

Even though the couple is now engaged, Varya and Geoffrey still have several obstacles to overcome.

Geoffrey has a domestic violence case pending in court, and fans are eagerly waiting to find out the result of the court case. In her interview, Varya was asked if she believed that Geoffrey was innocent of the assault charges he is facing. In her response, Varya cleverly said that she trusted the American court system and that she was awaiting the verdict.

She also said that she was not worried about the cases since Geoffrey had expressed confidence that he would be acquitted of the allegations. Despite her boyfriend’s confidence, Varya said that she would wait on the court’s judgment because she could not trust Geoffrey’s side of the story.

Varya's response

Varya’s modest response to Geoffrey’s assault allegations sparked rumors that the couple may break up in the future.

After fans learned about Geoffrey’s court cases, they petitioned TLC to ban him from the "90 Day Fiancé" franchise. Since the network had already filmed his story, it decided to air his relationship with Varya but banned him from the upcoming Tell All episodes. Varya has revealed that TLC asked her to appear on the Tell All, but she refused since she felt that it was unfair for her to talk about her relationship with Geoffrey without him featuring on the episodes. Instead, Geoffrey and Varya will air their self-produced Tell All episode in the coming weeks on YouTube. It will be interesting to see if Geoffrey confronts Varya for her lack of trust in him.