Mama June Shannon has found a way to rake in some big bucks daily while enduring the coronavirus quarantine. According to The Blast if you want a chance to chat with Mama June the "From Not to Hot" reality star has opened up a new business for a mere $15 fans can now receive a personal text message from Mama June herself.

Talk to Mama June Shannon for a price

Fans visiting Mama June's official website now have several options to make contact with June. For the thriftier fan, the option to text connect with June starts at only $15. According to the site, June has also recently joined PayPhone and Real Talk Live where those interested can pony up $50 to receive a customized video chat with the reality star.

The Blast claims that their sources have allegedly revealed that such business ventures are popping up all over the Internet and are making a fortune due to the fact so many people across the globe are spending the majority of their time in their homes.

June Shannon reveals how she has spent her quarantine time

Some of June's video shares include revealing a trip to the dentist to repair her missing front tooth. As previously reported by Blasting News June Shannon news followers have been growing increasingly worried about her well being. Despite the family's best efforts at trying to convince June to seek out help for her drug addiction issues, June continues to seek refuge and company with Geno.

Earlier this year Shannon was exhibiting some bizarre behaviors that sent off major warning alarms not only for her family but her fans as well. In January June logged onto FaceBook where she went live and was desperately attempting to sell some of her personal belongings including a worn pair of Nike sneakers. June's sister Janice began commenting on June's post begging her to please seek help and to contact her family, especially her children.

Sadly, June continued to ignore the family's pleas.

Weeks later, June resurfaced once again on social media in what seemed to be a heartfelt message to her estranged children. Shannon stated that her life has been a constant struggle since her drug possession arrest implying that her recent actions may have placed herself and her family in potential danger.

Awaiting court date, June Shannon could get up to 1-year in prison

She added that she knew that she was far from perfect and continues to struggle daily. She also wanted her children to know she loves and misses them and 'hopes one day they can go back to being a family.' To date, June's family continues to struggle with everyday life and the aftermath of how June's addictions are affecting the family, most noticeably Alana 'Honey Boo Boo.' Many fans of the hit show "From Not To Hot" are growing alarmingly concerned about Honey Boo Boo, fearing she will follow in her troubled mother's destructive footsteps.

At this time Mama June Shannon is reportedly living with boyfriend Geno Doak in a Florida hotel.

Earlier this year both Shannon and Doak were reportedly thrown out of a Florida hotel after they were unable to make good on a $2000 plus bill. Hopefully, June Shannon is using the said monies she is earning to keep the bills paid and plan for her uncertain future. Due to COVID June's future still hangs in the balance as she awaits a May trial for felony cocaine possession and possession of drug paraphernalia. If found guilty Mama June Shannon could face up to 1-year in prison.

“Mama June: From Not To Hot” airs Friday nights on WE tv.