Mama June Shannon continues to deny that she has been using cocaine despite testing positive for the drug, according to Daily Mail. The 40-year-old "From Not to Hot" reality star has vowed, to her daughters Lauryn "Pumpkin" and Alana "Honey Boo Boo," that she will prove to them once and for that she has not been using cocaine.

Tears flood Mama June Shannon's eyes after failing drug screen

However, June Shannon is far from drug-free at the moment. The reality star has admitted to recently using Xanax for anxiety, and the drug Fioricet, a strong prescription pain medication used for the treatment of tension headaches.

Upon receiving the results of her urine test, and learning that she had tested positive for cocaine, June broke down in tears stating "I will prove that I am not."

The drug screen was done on a completely voluntary basis and was filmed as part of the WETV family reality series "From Not To Hot: Family Crisis" which aired on Friday.

Lauryn Shannon learns about Mama June Shannon's $2500 a day meth habit

June appeared to be completely distraught over the drug test results and offered to take a blood test and she reportedly did, but the results have not yet been released. Shannon's daughter Pumpkin had a surprising reaction to the failed drug test results revealing that she believed, at first, she would have been angry if her mother tested positive for cocaine.

But now, after seeing her reaction, she believes June is "crying for help."

It has been a long and rocky road for the entire Shannon family since Mama June's drug addiction drama and arrest. The family has been torn to pieces, attempting to convince June to get help.

As previously reported, Mama June appears to have been making headway on making amends with some of her family members, especially with Lauryn.

Lauryn previously revealed that she was ready to give her mom another shot at being a part of her life, despite all of her legal issues.

Not ready to end thing relationship with Geno

Shannon has been opening up a bit more, publicly, on her addiction issues which could be one of the reasons Lauryn is convinced her mother is crying out for help.

ET reported that June sat down with Pumpkin and attempted to explain her bizarre actions over the past several months. June Shannon admitted that she sold the house, and her possessions, because she was broke. She also went on to admit that, during that time, she and Geno were using a couple of ounces of meth a day totaling around $2500 each day.

June also stated, during her chat with Pumpkin, that she had used drugs before. It was not something new she just started doing. There is a lot of pain and healing that needs to take place, within the Shannon family, before moving on. One of Lauryn's biggest concerns remains with Mama June's relationship with Geno.

At this time, it appears as if Mama June Shannon is not quite ready to let go of her relationship with Geno Doaks, which could continue to pose a problem within the family.

So far, it seems as if Lauryn could get on board with having Mama June Shannon back in their lives, however, fans hope they all take it slow and stand their ground when it comes to their boundaries. Lauryn and Alana have been through enough. Many reality television fans believe it is time for Mama June to get straight, step up and be a real mother, or step away for good.

"Mama June: Family Crisis" airs Fridays at 9 PM on WE tv.