Geoffrey Paschel's time on "90 Day Fiancé" ended prematurely after TLC banned the controversial reality star from appearing in the upcoming Tell All episodes. Despite his checkered past, fans have acknowledged that Geoffrey was one of the most handsome cast members on the show. The American reality star appears to have no trouble getting women to like him, and he was involved in a love triangle storyline during his stint on "90 Day Fiancé."

Geoffrey and Varya's relation on '90 Day Fiancé'

At the beginning of the season, Geoffrey flew to Russia to meet up with Varya Malina, his online girlfriend at the time.

After they went out on a date, Geoffrey surprised Varya by proposing to her. The Russian reality star rejected her boyfriend’s proposal since she thought that they were moving too fast. Varya’s decision made Geoffrey furious, and he immediately flew back to the United States. After some time, Geoffrey started dating a woman named Mary, but their relationship was short-lived.

"90 Day Fiance" star Varya saved some money and traveled to America to see her estranged boyfriend. When the Russian reality star visited Geoffrey’s house, she found out that he had already started dating again. Varya did not back down, and she immediately confronted her boyfriend for seeing another woman.

In the season finale, Geoffrey decided to break up with Mary and get back together with Varya. Despite the couple reconciling, fans have speculated that Varya is still bitter about Geoffrey’s decision to date Mary while they were separated. She did not get along with Mary on the show, and some recently leaked messages have revealed that Varya got into a nasty fight with her love rival.

In the messages, Varya claimed that she was not happy with Mary’s relationship with Geoffrey. Although they broke up, they still maintained a friendly relationship, and Varya said that it was strange that Mary had not moved on and started dating.

The Russian reality star noted that her long-distance relationship with Geoffrey was already causing friction between them, and the fact that Mary seemed to be hanging around her boyfriend did not sit well with her.

Mary slams Varya

However, Mary clapped back at Varya and told her that her relationship status was none of her concern. She also asked Geoffrey’s girlfriend to look in the mirror and judge her actions. Mary also added that she had been a constant presence in Geoffrey’s life. She told Varya that she had seen many of his relationships fail and that the Russian reality star would suffer the same fate. Mary advised Varya to sort out the trust issues between her and Geoffrey instead of blaming others for their struggles. Fans were shocked by the leaked messages, and it seems that Geoffrey and Varya’s relationship could be on borrowed time.