Jesse Meester, "90 Day Fiancé" reality star, is a handsome looking young man and he's not afraid to show it. The reality star shared an image of himself on Instagram, recently. The image was a black and white photo, where he stood with his clothes completely unbuttoned, revealing his abs and top half of his body. Jesse said in his caption that there was a difference between being "alive" and "living." He said that it broke his heart to see people not really living their lives, but worrying about what others might think. He ended by telling his fans to worry less, smile more, take responsibility, and love their lives.

Fans were drooling over Jesse's photoshoot but one fan in particular caught Jesse's attention. This fan bluntly commented "Marry me now" and added a crown emoji and blue heart emoji. Do you think it was a little bit desperate? Anyway, Jesse, probably in shock, replied to the comment asking the fan if she wanted to marry him immediately. In the quote, he replied to the comment, "like now now?" He added a ponytail emoji to his reply and the fan replied to him, saying "Right now! Beautiful stallion, this pony would ride with you to the sunset and beyond." The reality star did not reply to her again.

Darcey and Jesse break up

The reality star dated Darcey Silva, a mother of two and a businesswoman.

Darcey said that they met on an international dating app but Jesse said that it was a networking app that had a selective dating app. They met in Amsterdam and had so many fallouts. The reality couple argued to a point that Darcey's daughters who were pre-teens had to call them out, saying they were even more mature than the couple.

One day, the mom of two and her then-boyfriend were fighting over how to cook "steak." After the argument, Jesse refused to eat.

Cut to later when Darcey and Jesse were seen screaming at each other on the show. Jesse said that Darcey had thrown her shoe at him and Darcey said that Jesse sparked the argument after he got angry over her putting her feet in his shoes.

The two of them broke up and Jesse told her to keep drinking away her problems before he left.

Darcey Silva has moved on

Darcey did not exactly drink away her problems. In fact, she's currently focused on herself and her business. She's trying to live her best life and be a strong mother for her two daughters. She also met Tom Brooks. Tom is another ex she met on the show but also broke up with. They thought they could meet to see if they could settle things. The meeting did not go as planned as Tom told her that he was in love with another woman. Darcey told the TLC camera that viewers were going to hear more of her voice and not see so many tears. Ever since then, she's been trying to be happy and stays focused.

What do you think of Jesse Meester? What do you think of Darcey Silva?