"90 Day Fiancé" star, Danielle Jbali, the former wife to Mohamed Jbali, has announced on her Instagram that someone is trying to clone her account. She begged her fans to report the account immediately. Jbali's account is verified on Instagram, while the clone account is not. Jbali has thousands of followers while the other account has less than ten followers. Lastly, the "90 Day Fiancé" reality star's account is public but the fake account is private.

Fans report Danielle Jbali clone account

The "90 Day Fiancé" star asked fans to report the account, and a lot of her fans offered to assist.

They reported the account and notified Jbali in her comments.

One of her fans asked if she had a "pure romance" account and Danielle said she did. Another fan said that she would love if the real Danielle Jbali account followed her and the reality star immediately did. That seemed like a very nice gesture fan think. One follower said that she was so happy when she thought that Danielle had followed her until she realized that it was a fake account.

Danielle Jbali hangs with friends

Besides bringing her clone account to the attention of her fans, the "90 Day Fiancé" reality star has been up to a lot lately. She posted a girls' hangout she had with her friends. The four friends stood under the sun, close to a lake, with broad smiles on their faces.

She stated in her caption that she loved seeing the three women and said she would see them again in July.

A fellow cast member, Larissa Dos Santos, commented, "Pretty girl s, (sic)," and added a heart emoji. A fan said that she loved Danielle's posts and wished she could be back on the show or at least find real love because she believed Danielle was a good woman and deserved the world.

Danielle Jbali posts her baby granddaughter

The "90 Day Fiancé" reality star, Danielle, has been bonding with her family since the quarantine started. She posted her beautiful grandchild on her Instagram. The baby was on a pink floor, with a nice jumpsuit and bowtie. Fans loved the photo of Danielle's baby grandchild and there were many positive comments.

One of them said that Danielle was lucky to have "Grandbabies."

Danielle Jbali is over her ex

The reality star also seems to be completely over her ex, Mohamed Jbali. Danielle and Mohamed starred on the reality show, and they had a very rocky relationship that led to divorce. Mohamed has moved on too. He posts nice photos of himself and his dog on Instagram now and his recent photo shows the "Blackout" photo. He used hashtags like "stopracism."

What do you think of Danielle Jbali? What do you think of people making clone accounts? What do you think of Danielle and her friends hanging out? Do you think Danielle has moved on from her past relationship?