Danielle Jbali, one of the "90 Day Fiancé" cast members, has been keeping her followers on Instagram updated on what she's been doing at home.

Danielle has been taking lots of photos of her grandchildren, and by the photos, they seem to be having a lot of fun and family bond. After Danielle aired on the popular TLC franchise she got a lot of hate from viewers because of how she treated Mohamed, her former husband. When viewers realized that she had body odor, as stated by Mohamed, a lot of them shamed her for it. The duo parted ways because the marriage wasn't working out.

At first, Danielle wanted an annulment because she felt like Mohamed had used her for a green card but she didn't have enough evidence so they only divorced instead. After the divorce, Danielle insisted on keeping his name. Fans suspected that she was not over her ex and she explained many times that the only reason she kept his name was for her Instagram verification. She also said that she had a new man, the last time she talked about her love life. Mohamed seems to be doing great, he hasn't updated viewers on any new love interest. According to his Instagram account, he lives alone with his dog.

Danielle Jbali and her grandchildren

Danielle posted a video of her grandchildren playing in a pool.

They were all in swimsuits and they looked very cute. Fans reacted very positively to her video. She then posted three photos of the kids playing outside, after playing in the pool. They looked very happy and pleased with their playtime.

Her three grandsons looked so adorable in their swimsuit. The eldest one wore a red and black Mickey mouse swimsuit, the second one wore a red swimsuit while the third one wore an orange and white swimsuit.

Danielle posts her beautiful granddaughter

Later on, the "90 Day Fiancé" reality star posted her baby granddaughter. Danielle held the baby in the picture and the baby wore an orange top with an orange bowtie.

A lot of fans commented positively on her post. One of them even said that the baby looked good in orange and another said that Danielle should consider entering her in commercials because of how cute she looked.

There was one negative comment, though. One of her followers said, "you ladies need to stop making babies jeez." The reality star replied to the comment, saying that the babies were her son's and his fiance's, and "they don't receive any government assistance because they both work." She also told the person to worry about themself. Other fans supported Danielle in the comments and told the person to mind her business.

Danielle seems to be having a good time and making memories with her family has been making her happy.

What do you think of Danielle's grandkids? Do you think Danielle has moved on from her ex? What do you think about what the hater told Danielle?