British Comedian Ricky Gervais has once again come under the media spotlight as people are drawing a comparison between Gervais and the late prominent French astrologer, Nostradamus. The latter had published a book titled ‘Les Prophéties’ in 1555 that has successfully, though anecdotally, predicted various major future events. Ever since his death in 1566, his book has never been out of print. The main reason behind fans calling ‘The Office’ actor ‘Nostradamus’ is that he sent out a tweet from his account in 2016, in which he sort of predicted U.S.

President Donald Trump's recent statements regarding disinfectants. During a White House coronavirus taskforce briefing on April 23, President Donald Trump suggested to the American people that injecting disinfectant might be helpful in curing the COVID-19 coronavirus. These statements are dangerous and should not be seen as a cure against the COVID-19.

Donald Trump's controversial comments regarding disinfectants came after a White House official showed the results of research undertaken by the United States government. The results proved that the coronavirus gets considerably weaker after being exposed to sunlight and heat. It was also mentioned in the research that disinfectants appeared to kill the virus pretty quickly.

Trump then went on to say that the medical fraternity should find a method to get disinfectant inside our body since it kills the coronavirus in short order. Shortly after Donald Trump's remarks on injecting disinfectants went viral on the internet, health officials and disinfectant manufacturers began warning people about the risks of drinking things like Lysol, bleach.

The next day, Trump said to journalists that his recent comment on disinfectants was merely a sarcastic statement, the BBC reported.

Ricky Gervais' viral tweet predicting Trump's actions

In March of 2016, when the American people thought that there was no way Trump could end up becoming the 45th president of the United States, Ricky Gervais had tweeted out his opinion on Trump's presidential race.

He wrote in his now-viral tweet that as long as bleach companies keep warning people to not drink their products, Donald Trump has the potential to become the next president. Even though his tweet didn't exactly say that Trump will advise his country's residents to start drinking bleach in an attempt to combat a deadly pandemic, he is still being dubbed as a great visionary by the netizens.

Former professional tennis player Martina Navratilova deserves a lot of credit for attracting people's attention to this old tweet from Gervais since she had recently replied to that tweet by saying that he was way ahead of everybody else. He then replied to her with a laughing crying emoji. It seems like Gervais is currently enjoying one of the best times of his life because, before he was hailed as the next ‘Nostradamus,’ he had received a ton of positive reviews for the second season of his hit Netflix show called ‘After Life.’ The show stars Ricky Gervais as Tony Johnson who turns into quite an unpleasant person after his wife passes away.

While talking to his fans on a Twitter livestream session, Gervais admitted that he is thinking about season three of ‘After Life,’ considering that the first two seasons got such great reviews.

Ricky Gervais' controversial outspoken public persona

It is absolutely no secret that Gervais has made an extremely profitable career out of being outspoken and controversial. An excellent example of this kind of behavior was recently witnessed at the 77th Golden Globe Awards, which the comedian was hosting for the fifth time. During his monologue at the prestigious ceremony, he criticized the actors for showing off fake wokeness. He told the actors if they actually want to be "woke," then they should stop collaborating with companies that have a history of exhibiting a morally questionable attitude.

He even went to the extent of saying that, if the terrorist organization ‘ISIS’ started an online streaming service, they would join that too. He ended his monologue by saying that no entertainer should make a political statement at the Golden Globes because nobody cares about what they think.

Most recently, the 58-year-old British stand-up comedian bashed numerous millionaire Celebrities for constantly complaining about being locked in their enormous mansions while the healthcare workers are risking their lives to treat patients amidst the deadly coronavirus pandemic. However, despite the fact that he is regularly on the news for saying something outrageous, he claims that he isn't ignorant in real life.

During a chat with Conan O'Brien, Gervais talked a lot about his public personality, saying that people shouldn't take his jokes too seriously. He told Conan that a lot of people think he is a horrible person who doesn't care about other people's feelings. He further added that people have a totally wrong image of who he is because they don't realize that even when he is doing stand-up, he is still playing a character that he has crafted for himself.