Big news in the soap opera ''The Young and the Restless'' (Y&R) broadcast on CBS. According to Soap Dirt, we know that Adam Newman, played by actor Mark Grossman, will discover despite himself that his father Victor is not dead. Things are very different from what they seem. In fact, Victor has agreed with Dr. Nate to stage his death and set a trap for his son. It seems, however, that this intricate plan ends up turning against him, and not only. The eternal struggle between father and son in ''Y&R'' seems to never end, as does their mutual obsessions.

The fact remains that the Newman family will be overwhelmed by this new storyline, which will reserve great twists. Victor will be very worried about Nikki's reaction, fearing that after the tragic news, he may sink back into alcoholism. What should we expect?

'The Young and the restless': Victor Newman faked his death

New ''The Young and the Restless'' rumors offer interesting news about the soap opera aired on CBS and so loved by viewers. Fans were convinced that Victor was really dead, after seeing him suddenly collapse to the ground. In fact, the whole Newman family was reunited and received the tragic news. We have to admit that Victor was able to stage his death perfectly, pretending to collapse artfully and even saying his last words.

After being helped by the medical staff, it was now clear that Victor had nothing more to do. The final blow was given by Dr. Nate, who communicated the news of the death of Victor Newman. However, no one saw the body, interesting detail to give an unexpected turn to the storyline.

Victor's impossible dream in 'The Young and the Restless'

From the latest ''The Young and the Restless'' rumors given by Soap Dirt, it emerges that Victor Newman faked his death to punish his son. What will his real intentions be? According to some hypotheses, he would be willing to settle his family's differences but it won't be that simple.

Also, one of Victor's greatest desires is that Nikki stays away from the bottle. The man is well that Nikki, believing that he is dead, could fall back into vice. That's why he intends to reveal the truth about his fake death to her very soon.

All this until Victor decides to end up with his game. His desire remains to have a happy, united family, but it seems impossible. And so, to pursue his desire, Victor has reached the point of dying by pretending, accepting the possible risks. Fans wonder if this doesn't really encourage his family to settle their differences or, on the contrary, helps to exacerbate the conflicts even more. What will happen now? We just have to wait for the next episodes of the soap opera and find out what will happen in ''The Young and the Restless'' after the fake death of Victor Newman.