The film industry has been a disaster for quite some time. "No Time to Die," which was originally known as just "James Bond 25," was expected to hit theaters in November 2019. The world has changed since then, and right now, Daniel Craig's take as the legendary MI6 spy is scheduled for November of this year.

'No Time to Die' facing another delay because of the coronavirus

However, it appears that a further delay, into 2021, is inevitable. According to the, reports have come out that studio executives believe "No Time to Die," should be delayed, even further, till some time in 2021.

The movie was set to arrive on April 10 but ended up being pushed back till November 25 as the Coronavirus continued to run amuck across the globe. It was the first major film to be pushed back.

Right now the studios are facing a lot of uncertainty when it comes to theatrical releases. Studios believe theaters in the U.S. will reopen in July. However, it's unclear how many people will be willing to return, and if theater chains can keep enough business going to keep the doors open. With those uncertainties in mind, the studio is rumored to be considering a 2021 release date instead. However, that opens up some unique challenges it would face. It would struggle to find an attractive release date without much competition.

No chance that the $250 million Bond film would be released on VOD

However, the studio is set on releasing the James Bond film, directed by Cary Joji Fukunaga, in theaters. The film budget was a massive $250 million. There is no conceivable way a 007 blockbuster could make its money back as a VOD release. "Trolls World Tour" saw success for Universal with a VOD release, but its budget was only $90 million.

That's a much different ballpark for a film to be playing in.

According to Daily Mail, a source close to the studio said, if it has to wait till 2021, then so be it. 'There are hundreds of millions of dollars involved here. Release it when audiences feel safe to return. But it's a nerve-racking call.'

Rami Malek (Bohemian Rhapsody), is making his debut in the 007 universe, playing a villain.

Several 007 co-stars are also returning, including Jeffrey Wright, Ralph Fiennes, Naomie Harris, Lea Seydoux, and Ben Whishaw. Those also making their debut in the 007 universe include Ana de Armas and Lashana Lynch.

The studio behind "No Time to Die" MGM, has been reported to lose nearly $30 million from the current delay. If it is in fact pushed back to 2021, those losses will just increase even more. This probably won't be the only would-be tentpole film to face a similar situation as the world slowly recovers from the impact of the coronavirus. Fans will have to wait and see when they actually get to see the much anticipated "No Time to Die."