There's a lot going on right now with Maci Bookout and her family. The last thing she needs to be dealing with is another Ryan Edwards relapse but that's what it's looking like lately. The "Teen Mom" dad was arrested back in March after missing a mandatory drug test. Soon after, it was learned that Maci and her husband Taylor McKinney filed protective orders to keep Ryan away just days before his arrest. There's been a lot of drama lately and based on a new "Teen Mom OG" sneak peek, it looks like things might be even worse than fans know about.

Maci thinks Ryan is using again

In the sneak peek shared by Radar Online, Maci is talking to her mother Sharon she shares Ryan and Mackenzie's baby news.

“I thought Ryan wasn’t about that life right now,” Sharon said, clearly surprised to hear about the pregnancy. “Maybe a new baby is what Ryan needs.”

Ryan Edwards' wife announced her pregnancy news just a day before he was arrested. To add even more drama to the mix, rumors that Ryan has been unfaithful to Mackenzie also started circulating in the same week as his arrest and the baby news.

“Maybe… Maybe not. I feel like if this doesn’t do the trick then absolutely nothing will," Maci said about the recent news that Ryan will be a father again.

Clearly, Sharon knows exactly what Ryan is about. She comments on how old Ryan is and how his wife, children, and even Maci can't make him change. That's when Sharon asks, "He still hasn't passed the drug test, right?" After Maci shook her head and responded with a "nuh uh," Sharon continues, "Well, that's not a good sign."

Let's face it, if he was clean, he'd take the drug test," Sharon stated.

"We know this.

That's when Maci Bookout claims that Ryan Edwards is not clean. Apparently, she has sources that have let her know that Bentley's dad has been using drugs again.

“My people know people… he’s not clean," Maci said about her ex.

Did rehab help?

Last May, Ryan Edwards was sent to rehab for his heroin addiction after he was filmed by a "Teen Mom" camera crew while he was driving high on the way to marry Mackenzie Standifer.

The scene caused quite a bit of outrage among fans of the show, who couldn't believe he would do that and that they would allow it.

Fast forward to November, when Ryan married Mackenzie for the second time. He was barely out of rehab and claimed to be clean. While Ryan may not have been on heroin at the second ceremony, he definitely wasn't sober. The Hollywood Gossip reports that Bentley's dad showed up to the ceremony wasted drunk. He doesn't seem to take sobriety seriously.

Prior to his trip to rehab, Ryan was arrested in March of 2017 for possession of heroin. His latest arrest, in March of 2018 was for violating the terms of his probation. He is required to submit to drug tests and as "Teen Mom" fans saw recently, he will be arrested for missing them.

Mackenzie Standifer has said since Ryan Edwards' arrest that he did take and pass a drug test. She claims that he's sober. When the "Teen Mom OG" sneak peek was filmed, Maci Bookout believed that he was not. All eyes are on Ryan right now so if he has been using heroin again, it shouldn't take long before everyone knows.