Erika Owens is now ready to face a milestone moment in her life on "90 Day Fiance." This is after she declared that she would finally tell her parents that she is bisexual. In a teaser for Sunday's "Before the 90 Days" episode, Erika's parents told Stephanie Matto to come over to their home for dinner, reports ET. Even though she is nervous, Erika thought that it was the best time for her to tell her parents that she is bisexual, reports ET.

According to the "90 Day Fiance" star, her bisexuality is the "one thing" that she has not discussed with her parents.

She felt scared about what will happen once she comes out. When the episode was shot, Stephanie has also not talked about being bisexual yet to her parents. There is a chance that she will come out to her parents on the show like Erika will on "Before the 90 Days."

Stephanie Matto makes a bad impression on Erika's friends

In other "90 Day Fiance" updates, Stephanie Matto is in Australia to finally meet Erika Owens. Erika introduced Stephanie to her friends, but her girlfriend did not exactly make the best first impression. Stephanie let her jealousy get the better of her during that time. She confronted Erika's friend, Adam, for being affectionate towards her girlfriend. According to her, she has suspicions that there is something more than friendship going on between them.

Adam told her outright that there is no truth to her suspicions. While she loves Erika, he does not see being with her in a romantic setting. Later that evening, Erika received a barrage of complaints from her friends regarding Stephanie. That was when Stephanie walked back in, and she overheard most of the things they said about her.

She then decided to go home on her own, leaving Erika with her friends.

Erika Owens explains still being on a dating app

Meanwhile, Erika recently stoked controversy among the "90 Day Fiance" fanbase. This was after she revealed to Stephanie Matto that she is still on a dating app. Earlier, Stephanie questioned why Erika still had a dating app on her phone.

She explained that she still uses the app for her photography business. The explanation did not seem to convince Stephanie and the audience. To make sure that nothing else comes up online, Erika Owens took to Instagram to clarify the issue. She explained that she uses Bumble Bizz for networking and business prospects. She said that the platform gives her a wider opportunity to reach more potential clients.

After her explanation, "Before the 90 Days," viewers turned against Stephanie Matto. She received criticism for immediately assuming that Erika would cheat on her. Stay tuned for other developments in the relationship of Erika Owens and Stephanie Matto on Sunday's "90 Day Fiance" episode. Meanwhile, in the upcoming episode, fans will also witness Ash walking away from Avery, reports EOnline. The "Before the 90 Days "episode will air at 08:00 PM ET on TLC.