Maci Bookout's protection order against Ryan Edwards has been dismissed -- according to Radar Online reports. However, he must still keep away from Maci and her husband (Taylor McKinney) by order of a judge.

As previously reported, "Teen Mom OG" star Maci Bookout filed an order of protection against her ex -- and father of her 10-year-old son Bentley. The order was filed back in late March. The order stated that Ryan Edwards had been allegedly threatening Maci and her husband Taylor. Bookout also claimed she was terrified of Ryan and the dangerous behaviors he had recently been displaying.

What will Maci Bookout do now to keep Bentley safe?

Maci claimed Edwards has been calling her phone and making threats to harm her and take Bentley. Ryan's drug addiction is also another reason behind Bookout's PTO order. According to Hamilton County Court documents, Maci revealed that Ryan had recently shown up at one of their son's baseball games extremely high and caused a huge scene, threatening to put a bullet in her husband Taylor McKinney's head.

In court on Monday, May 1 the judge dismissed the PTO order, however, he did put in place a mutual restraining order that stated that Maci and Ryan were to steer clear of each other. Bentley was not named in the restraining order. It was explained to all parties involved what the differences between an order of protection and a mutual restraining order were.

The clerk explained that mutual restraining orders are not enforced by police officers.

Ryan Edwards' sobriety is still questionable

So, this appears to basically mean Ryan will not be arrested if he violates the mutual restraining order, leaving Maci and family right back at square one. Once again, Ryan Edwards seems to skate off free and clear and without any consequences for his actions.

The report from Radar Online was not clear on the terms of Ryan's visitation with Bentley at this time.

Fans can only hope that passing a drug test before seeing his son is still in order. If not, Maci is going to be forced to figure out another way to keep Bentley safe from the consequences of Ryan's addiction issues.

Ryan's sobriety is still in question despite claims made by Edwards, his wife Mackenzie, and his parents that things were all good.

As previously reported, a photograph of Ryan was allegedly taken by a fan of Edwards, showing his eyes rolling back into his head and appearing high. The photo -- which was not published publicly -- was sent to Kailyn Lowry and Lindsie Chrisley and became a hot topic on their podcast series "Coffee and Convos."

Radar Online also stated in a report that they had also seen the alleged photo and that they agreed that Ryan Edwards did appear to seem very out of sorts in the picture. With Maci Bookout not getting the outcome in court she had hoped for, and Ryan allegedly still using drugs, things are going to remain very stressful for the young mother.

It would not come as a huge surprise to see Maci Bookout hire a lawyer and fight the judge's decision in court.

This is bound to get very messy and drawn out. But, a mom has to do what she has to do to assure the safety and well-being of her children.

Do you agree with the court's decision to dismiss Maci Bookout's PTO against Ryan Edwards?