It’s no shock at all that Beulah Koale already has another big-screen role lined up in Riley Stearns satirical sci-fi thriller, “Dual.” By the time the New Zealand native of Samoan descent walked onto the set of “Hawaii Five-O” for his memorable debut in Season 8, Beulah Koale had already mesmerized director Jason Hall in his role of Tausolo “Solo” Aleti in “Thank You for Your Service.”

Koale was so fully “present” in personifying the post-war trauma and pain alongside Miles Teller that Hall insisted that “he put the movie in his back pocket and walked out the door with it.” Teller is now taking on a role in “Top Gun Maverick” the long-awaited sequel to the 80s blockbuster, and while Beulah Koale may not be targeting bogeys from a fighter jet, his new movie, according to April 29 retorts from MovieWeb and Yahoo per The Wrap on April 28, has him and an all-star cast entangled in a woman's battle with her own clone.

Owning his role and earning affection comes with his craft for Beulah Koale

No one in the film or entertainment industry can speak with certainty about when any shooting schedule will return to normal in the wake of the unprecedented coronavirus crisis. Pre-production for “Dual” is slated to start in June, with the film's release in 2021.

Beulah Koale stars with an acclaimed and eclectic roster of actors, including Karen Gillan, Aaron Paul, and Jesse Eisenberg. Martha Kelly also co-stars in the story about a patient with an unusual dilemma.

Gillan portrays a woman who has been given a terminal diagnosis and chooses a cloning procedure to ease the loss for family and friends. She makes a miraculous recovery and must contend with the horror that her cloned being has already been commissioned into the world.

Karen Gillan is best known for her roles in the two most recent “Jumanji” films and roles in “Guardians of the Galaxy” and “Avengers Endgame.” Aaron Paul is currently starring in the third season of “Westworld” on HBO, but became a favorite flawed foil as Jesse in AMC's “Breaking Bad.” Jesse Eisenberg had his breakthrough role in 2010's “The Social Network” and recently starred in “Resistance.”

Beulah Koale was still a boy when “Hawaii Five-O” debuted as a reincarnation of the original series in 2010.

He made an unforgettable impression on the executive producer, Peter Lenkov, with his poignant authenticity, so much so that Lenkov and Jason Hall were vying to cast Beulah Koale at the same time.

Faithful fans of the elite police drama will never forget when Beulah Koale’s character of Junior Reigns camped out in front of Lt.

Commander Steve McGarrett's door in a fixed salute stance, determined to prove himself worthy of becoming part of “Hawaii Five-O.” He threw in a truck wash (by hand) for the boss, too.

Alex O'Loughlin credited the energy and enthusiasm from Beulah Koale and Meaghan Rath for his own reinvigorated spirit and body as the “Hawaii Five-O” boss. Stem cell treatments for his back injuries also let the leading man focus more on his craft and creativity than on constant pain.

During three seasons together, Beulah Koale and Alex O'Loughlin forged quite a bond on-screen and off, and their true “ohana” kinship was translated beautifully in the April 3 series finale, “Aloha.” McGarrett and Junior embraced in an unforgettable expression of the forehead to forehead “Honi,” a greeting also given in New Zealand.

The entire “so long” and farewell was unforgettable, and still, their moving farewell will endure for fans forever.

Beulah Koale may be a real-life wedding guest sometime soon

Another storyline that “Hawaii Five-O” fans delighted in was the fruition of the romance between Meaghan Rath as Tani Rey and Junior on a Friday night small screen. The actors shared a wedding dance that quickly became water-cooler fodder for anyone watching. Absence surely made hearts grow fonder when the two were separated for Junior’s reserve training. They shared a passionate beach sunrise right after the Navy Seal’s tender homecoming, It was another distinct performance from Beulah Koale.

Meaghan Rath was more than looking forward to a very special date with her real-life love, Jack Cutmore-Scott.

The two were set to be married in May but those plans are on hold for now, too. Beulah Koale can count on an invitation in the mail when the date is set, but this time, he won't get the dance with Meaghan.

Meaghan and Jack have been dating since working together on “Cooper Barrett’s Guide to Surviving Life” on Fox, and they will co-star again in the new CBS pilot, “Jury Duty,” as announced in March. Rath has commented in the past that she's not nearly as tough as Tani in her real-life, so her new role will mark a nice departure in tone once productions are up and running again.

More films in the works and a bright future await Beulah Koale

Beulah Koale grew up in a “ghetto” area around Auckland.

The gifted and dedicated actor has never been afraid of hard work and a little hustle to get the right part. He has been known to go without dinner in order to have money to send audition tapes.

Hopefully, those hungry days are over for Beulah Koale and his family. While “Hawaii Five-O” faithful will feel the sting of not seeing their beloved show on this fall’s lineup of TV Shows, they are more than grateful for the decade of heart, humor, action, and gracious “ohana” to relive forever.

In addition to “Dual,” Beulah Koale has the films “38 Minutes,” “Next Goal Wins,” and “Shadow in the Cloud” already in post-production. Whether in a lush island paradise pursuing a criminal or in a futuristic battle for life or any other on-screen setting, this versatile star shoots for success.