Jenelle Evans wants all of her social media followers to get one thing straight when it comes to her relationship with David Eason. According to her Thursday FaceBook post, she is happy, in love, and could care less what anyone else has to say about it. The former "Teen Mom " star posted some recent pictures of herself and husband David Eason seemingly toasting their rekindled love with all the proper hashtags included.

Jenelle Evans finds happiness at last

While Jenelle appears to be living a fairytale love story via social media Evans' news followers are more than a little skeptical that all is as it seems between the former reality stars.

As you can imagine Jenelle's recent FaceBook post caught the eye and comments of her followers instantly. Needless to say, there are not very many of Jenelle's followers who are happy to hear the two are back together.

Social media followers are not buying Jenelle Evans' happy relationship news

As previously reported by Blasting News, Jenelle Evans and David Eason's tumultuous on and off-again relationship have at times been extremely frightening, to say the least. That being said, too many "Teen Mom " fans remember all too well the dangerous situations that Jenelle has placed herself and her children in over the years with David Eason.

The numerous 911 calls, threats, CPS investigations are just a few of the traumatic situations that Jenelle's children have been forced to endure throughout the years.

However, it was just last spring when David and Jenelle's relationship hit a major roadblock. A roadblock that for a short time had fans believing that Jenelle Evans had finally had enough once and for all with David Eason.

Sadly, last April during a family disagreement David Eason snapped during a family blowup. The blowup resulted in Eason shooting and killing Jenelle's dog Nugget.

Following the horrific event, Jenelle packed up the kids and left David. Evans was clearly rattled quickly turning to social media at the time detailing the gruesome events and stating that she was finished with David and was filing for divorce.

Evans also claimed during the separation from Eason that she was never really happy with him and often felt afraid for her and her children's safety.

Several weeks went by with Jenelle living in Tennessee and David in North Carolina each trashing the other publicly daily. Then as suddenly as she appeared to have left a relationship shift appeared out of nowhere.

Jenelle Evans and David Eason living a lie

Jenelle Evans dropped the restraining order, she was spotted on outings with David and the kids. One thing led to the next and Jenelle was soon living back at her marital home with David Eason and family.

Evans denied for weeks that the two were not back together, only trying to figure out how to co-parent their daughter in the best way. Long story short, after years of marital turmoil, Jenelle Evans now claims she and David Eason are happily in love.

Jenelle's followers, for the most part, are non-to happy with Jenelle's decision.

So far, things have remained fairly quiet on David Eason and Jenelle Evans' part. As recently reported the now happy couple have even attempted taking on a new side gig during the coronavirus quarantine, offering online parenting advice. 2020's bizarre events just keep on coming and we are not even halfway through the year.