Jenelle Evans and husband David Eason have "Teen Mom" fans scratching their heads in confusion after seeing the ex-reality television star's recent online venture.

On Thursday, April 24, according to Starcasm reports Jenelle Evans and David Eason took to Twitter to offer up their social media followers their advice on parenting. The 15-second Twitter clip was titled " traveling with kids" advice with @j_evans1219 @easondavid88.The Teen Mom Mama Drama account was the first to share the video and needless to say it did not take social media followers long to begin blasting the troubled couple on their choice of the subject matter.

David Eason and Jenelle Evans reveal new online venture

Another commenter asked why Jenelle Evans was attempting to pursue things about being a mom adding "It clearly doesn't work out for her." While another added, "Why are neglectful abusive parents making parenting tip videos?"

Jenelle Evans grasping at straws to earn a living

As previously reported by Blasting News Jenelle news followers have been questioning the former "Teen Mom 2" star's decision to reunite with her husband David back in February. Many believe this decision could be one of Jenelle's most dangerous decision yet.

Viewers are well aware of the chaos which has been Jenelle's life over the past 12-months following her separation from David.

The constant public turmoil between Evans and Eason hit Jenelle hard financially when MTV decided to fire her costing her a very lucrative paycheck.

Evans chose to give her troubled marriage another try back in February, weeks before the United States was hit with the deadly coronavirus lockdown order. Today, Jenelle Evans and David Eason are like millions of others across the country ordered to quarantine and looking for ways to earn an income with sheltering in place.

Former 'Teen Mom 2' star accused of allegedly scamming kid's charity

Jenelle has come up with a few new stay at home projects in recent weeks. The Blast reports one such project included Jenelle alleging to make money for charity. The 28-year-old joined forces the online platform Cameo.

Cameo allows users to purchase video messages from celebrities for a set price.

However, Jenelle stated that during April 17 and 18 "all money" made for the 30-second virtual appearances would go to help the No Kid Hungry foundation. Jenelle Evans set a rate of $75 per appearance and has reportedly yet to pay the foundation her promised donations.

As expected Jenelle has been called out by angry fans who are not impressed with Evans in the least.

Despite Jenelle labeling herself as an "Influencer," Business Owner, and Entrepreneur. One would just have to visit Jenelle's social media comments page to see most who have followed Jenelle Evans and David Eason's story are seemingly growing very tired of the troubled couple's constant attempts to remain relevant and maintain their "celebrity status." For most, the alleged children's charity scam is the last straw,