Jenelle Evans might have just made her biggest and most dangerous mistake yet, fans think. The former "Teen Mom" star has revealed that she is currently staying with her ex David Eason and her children at their North Carolina home according to Hollywood News Daily.

Time and time again Jenelle Evans has been asked if she was back with David Eason and time and time again Jenelle has denied reuniting with Eason. That is until recently. Even though Jenelle is staying at the couple's marital home with her children, Jenelle is still tippy-toeing around a straight answer.

Jenelle Evans continues to backtrack with David Eason

Jenelle Evans recently talked with Teen Mom Talk Now revealing just what exactly her relationship status is with David. Sort of that is. Jenelle claims she and David are taking things slow and are not reunited at this time. However, Jenelle also states that she has a couple of conditions that David must follow before she will even consider reconciling.

The former "Teen Mom 2" star claims that she is planning on keeping her home in Tennessee for now. She also admits that she is paying rent there and a mortgage in North Carolina and it is very hard on her finances to pay both. Evans states she is just not sure how much longer she will be able to swing both payments on her own.

David Eason must get a job and help Jenelle Evans pay bills

Evans claims she is mulling over everything and her mind continues to go back and forth on the matter. She wants her children to be happy first and foremost. That is condition number one for David. Next, she insists that David get a real job, one that pays so he can contribute to the family household financially.

Jenelle reveals that the burden has always been placed on her and that David must show her some real action as far as getting a job, not just fill her head with worded promises that he will. When asked about the children and her safety where David is concerned, Jenelle Evans began backtracking her past comments about being abused by David.

Evan's social media followers are not surprised to hear that Jenelle Evans is thinking of reconciling with David Eason, however, they have voiced their concerns in the comments on her social media pages. Many have asked how Jenelle could even consider reconciling after everything David Eason has done to her and her family.

Jenelle Evans just wants a happy family life

Jenelle Evans claims that David is not as bad as she has made him out to be and that he has also promised to make many changes and is willing to do almost anything to get his family back. David and Jenelle have been through a lot together over the years and somehow, someway David has always convinced Jenelle to keep coming back.

It appears to be more than obvious that in spite of everything Jenelle seemingly wants to be with him.

The pair have gone through so much together. Their drama includes verbal and physical abuse, losing temporary custody of their children, killing the family pet and costing Jenelle Evans her lucrative job with MTV's Teen Mom franchise.

It is a lot, and fans are just hoping that Jenelle Evans has made the right decision and has not put herself and her kids in a dangerous and turbulent situation once again.