Fans will tell anyone that Guy Fieri never met a snack food he didn't like. The robust and real Food Network star never misses a chance to dig in and taste the best of every earthly cuisine, both on and off the interstate in his “Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives” series. Guy Fieri lives like he eats, with full gusto and fearlessness, and viewers can't get enough of his long-running culinary adventures on his TV Shows.

By force of habit, Guy Fieri has collected some of the tastiest, greasiest, most delectable foods ever imagined during his travels. The celebrity chef also has genuine empathy with the tragedy befalling millions of restaurant workers amid the coronavirus crisis.

Fieri and his son have owned and run restaurants for years. In these times of pandemic, however, they are as uncertain as anyone as to when a restaurant rebound can happen, and what it will look like.

While many foodservice establishments remained shuttered, Guy Fieri is not waiting to make things happen. As reported by Yahoo, “Today,” and other outlets on May 13, the famous chef has already used his connections with the corporate world to raise a huge sum for the Restaurant Employee Relief Fund.

Nothing says the kitchen maestro can't have some fun while doing good, so Guy Fieri has invited his good buddy and “Ghostbuster” star, Bill Murray, to be part of an ultimate challenge smothered in cheese.

Guy Fieri is already ahead in the ‘Nacho Average Showdown’

Not a single cheese cube has gone into a pot yet, but Guy Fieri has already done its part to raise more than $21 million for the Restaurant Employee Relief Fund. Sadly, like so many others, the Fieri restaurants are closed, but the proprietor has not sat idle in front of his TV.

Fieri made contact with CEOs from Pepsi, Coke, and Uber Eats to create partnerships with the National Restaurant Association to establish the relief initiative.

Guy Fieri doesn't have to think hard to remember his days in the back of the house, in restaurant lingo. “From busing tables to flambé captain, to dishwasher to chef… I have done it all,” the food icon recalls.

Fieri praises that the often unseen workers “are the hardest working, most real deal folks you’ve ever met-- the heartbeats of their communities.” He stresses that the initiative has to “serve up some support” when these employees need it most. The fund aims to provide $500 payments to any affected restaurant worker to meet basic living expenses. More than 8 million restaurant employees are now without work.

The “Nacho Average Showdown” will air Friday, May 15, at 5 PM on The Food Network and stream on the network’s Facebook page, where there will be a donate button. Guy Fieri and Bill Murray are certainly not representatives of haute cuisine, but they are sure to have fun while bringing in heaps of dollars.

Was Jimmy Fallon just practice for Guy Fieri and Bill Murray?

It can hardly be coincidental timing that just last week, Guy Fieri and Bill Murray schooled Jimmy Fallon in a nacho-making lesson via cyberspace. It seemed that all Bill displayed was how to drink a bottle of beer. He did talk about a bad female investment, quickly changing the subject. It was all in good fun. Jimmy Fallon had a countertop full of ingredients that hardly got touched, including some cactus parts. The nachos that came out of his oven seemed quite edible, however spicy. The instructors were pleased, and perhaps the session was good practice for this coming Friday's event.

It will be a family affair for the seasoned contenders in the “Nacho Average Showdown.” Guy Fieri will get support from his son, Hunter, and Bill Murray will be backed by his son, Homer.

Both boys know their way around the kitchen. Shaquille O'Neal and Terry Crews will judge the winner. Fieri’s Food Network cohort, Carla Hall, will emcee the cooking competition.

Jenna Bush Hager puts her nachos up against those of Guy Fieri

Nachos are the favorite snack of “Todayco-host, Jenna Bush Hager, as longtime viewers certainly no. The crunchy, cheesy favorites had to come up as the topic of conversation after talking about Guy Fieri and all his noble efforts. It may be too late for Jenna to enter this year's competition, but the Texan girl thinks her simple recipe can go against anyone's.

When Hoda Kotb asked about the “secret sauce,” so to speak, in a batch of Jenna Bush Hager nachos, the busy working mom keeps things pretty basic.

“Two ingredients-- Velveeta cheese and a can of Ro-Tel tomatoes gets it done, “ Hager declared. She did confess that if she were going fancy, like in a competition, she might add ground beef or ground turkey (to be healthy, but in quarantine, who cares?). Avocados are a nice touch, too.

Guy Fieri and Bill Murray can take this year's first “Nacho Average Showdown,” but just know that Jenna Bush Hager is going for next year's championship, and she has first family connections.