Erin Krakow shares a remarkable connection with the faithful fans of “When Calls the Heart.” The leading lady of the centerpiece drama for the Hallmark Channel loves making loyal “Hearties,” her castmates, and glimpses of nature the center of her attention. She never forgets birthdays and loves showing her funny, playful and always caring nature. Much like the character she brings to the screen, Erin Krakow is resourceful, resilient, and not afraid to try a new recipe.

A few weeks ago, several favorite stars from “When Calls the Heart” were openhearted enough to share a favorite pastime or moment during the self-isolation necessary through this tragic time of the coronavirus pandemic.

There is always a blessing to be found in any dark time, and it was a blessing for fans to see that the people behind their favorite characters were cleaning, getting cozy with their kids, like Pascale Hutton (who should win every storytelling honor), and playing music, as Paul Greene talked about while sheltering in place. Chris McNally stayed close to his character, shaking up a tasty cocktail. Erin Krakow was not among that lineup of self-quarantined castmates from “When Calls the Heart,” but she had a plan to cook up a special treat for “When Calls the Heart” viewers.

Thanks to Deidre Behar of Entertainment Tonight, Erin Krakow invited friends and followers to her kitchen for some sweet goodness, straight from her heart, on April 17.

The most fun part of cooking is the process, not just the final product, and nobody minds if the result isn't exactly perfect.

Erin Krakow starts baking with gratitude

Before any stirring or mixing, Erin Krakow began her impromptu cooking lesson with complete gratitude for the frontline warriors and workers who literally are lifelines to humanity through the current crisis “from healthcare to grocery stores-- they call you essential for a reason.

You are ESSENTIAL, and I thank you from the bottom of my heart.” Erin also offered words of support to those watching “anywhere you are” through this “unusual, weird, scary” time. Her casual curls and tie-dye shirt only made her more huggable through cyberspace.

Fans will remember that Elizabeth Thornton has had her struggles with culinary competence.

Erin Krakow, however, asserted that “I can hold my own,” in answer to fans' frequent questions, aside from those about wearing a corset. Elizabeth and Rosemary once competed, when it came to recipes on “When Calls the Heart,” but now, Lee and Rosemary are invited dinner guests as her best friends. Elizabeth’s stew was good enough to be served at Lucas's saloon for the Christmas festival dinner, so the teacher has made commendable progress.

Erin was careful to keep sanitary conditions first, “washing my hands for the 500th time today,” as so many fans can also attest. The actress also graciously credited Emily Schuman and her Half-Baked Harvest blog for the brownie recipe that was her featured confection.

Kindness makes everything taste better.

Wet then dry, bottom to top and back again for Erin Krakow

While it's true that Erin Krakow is spending more time at home than she ever expected, like so many of her castmates and fans, her experience with whisks and mixing bowls is well-honed. After melting her chocolate chips and very-softened butter together, saying, “looks kinda gross,” the chef added in the sugar, “really good vanilla,” and eggs.

The “When Calls the Heart” star shines when it comes to whisking eggs. Erin Krakow delighted viewers when she told the eggs to go for a “swimmy” when she was the celebrity partner in “Christmas Cookie Matchup” on Hallmark Drama last December. The baking contestant had nothing but compliments for Erin’s kindness and encouragement.

The wet mixture was folded well into the dry ingredients, like the cocoa and flour, which is “hard to come by these days,” as Krakow noted. Her procedure was flawless, but gravity just didn't cooperate.

Following the prescribed baking time, try as she did, Erin had a tough time getting her finished dessert on to a dish. She loosened the edges, but still had a hard time. Then she tried making the top the top again. The presentation was fine-- what's not to like about chocolate, butter, sugar, and eggs, in any form?

The pan, not the preparation, was the pesky part of the brownie bake for Erin Krakow

It’s no wonder why Erin Krakow stays so calm between all the frantic activity and scene changes on “When Calls the Heart.” She purposely stays away from caffeine, and omitted coffee from her version of the brownie recipe, insisting that “I don't think I'll miss it.”

Behar outdid herself in the production value, inserting playful clips from Kavan Smith, Pascale Hutton, and several kid-centered movie clips.

This work should get its own Emmy nod from the realm of TV Shows.

The missing coffee had nothing to do with the still-luscious brownie being gooey close to the center. The culprit was the small pie pan taking the place of the 9 x 13-inch standard size. Even though Erin Krakow cut her parchment paper perfectly, it didn't make up for extra time needed for these goodies.

The star took the kitchen outcome in stride, taste-testing that the edges were just fine. There's always the best part about being in the kitchen, licking the spoons, to look forward to later. Erin Krakow knows how to handle “lockdown” cooking with a smile. Her main concern was looking after her baking partner, “Brownie,” the stuffed bear, who took it hard, falling to the floor.

“Brownie down,” Erin declared. After another batch, he and his mommy should be just fine. Nothing in life is about perfection. It is about finding meaning and purpose and rolling with the punches, and this refreshing respite from Erin Krakow’s kitchen was the perfect recipe.