Most of the mothers on the “Today” show don't have to work their usual shift this Sunday, May 10, Mother's Day. Unlike the faithful viewers of the original morning show, these working moms are clocked in for duty by about 4 AM to be fresh as a daisy by buy airtime. Hoda Kotb has been the designated anchor in the studio for “Today” during the siege of the coronavirus, so it's no wonder that Friday, May 8, the sunny co-anchor got early Mother's Day surprises, along with her broadcasting sidekicks.

Just like in millions of other families, the moms on “Today” can't share the feasting and festive gatherings that not only were part of their show on Mother's Day but also part of their personal family experiences.

The new circumstances of social distancing didn’t stop the overflow of love from hearts big and small for the busy working moms but did change some deliveries.

‘Today’ tips off the special day with ‘MomStart’

All the familiar guys on “Today” described their special plans for the moms in their lives. Al Roker has plans to prepare a special southern breakfast for Deborah Roberts and his family. Craig Melvin and his wife, Lindsay Czarniak, have recently been enjoying getting back to nature during pandemic times, so they and the kids were taking a family hike. Carson Daly said that he would make the perfect cocktail for his Siri, who just gave birth to the couple's fourth child, Goldie Patricia, at the end of March.

Carson was only allowed to be with his wife for the actual birth, not before or after, due to virus precautions.

Carson Daly replaced the usual PopStart segment of “Today” with “MomStart,” and a surprise delivery came for Savannah Guthrie at her “home studio” in upstate New York. Her kids, Charley and Vale, walked in with a card, flowers, and a plate of cookies from NYC’s Levain Bakery, a favorite of the show.

Of course, the preparations were deftly coordinated, but Savannah had no idea.

When it came to Hoda Kotb, she had to wait for the sweet “Today” goodies, because deliveries are prohibited to the studio.

She had to enjoy them later at home, but she certainly felt the love from oldest daughter, Haley Joy. Her daughter just happens to be the world's cutest kid in glasses, and she hoisted up her homemade artistry for mom, saying: “one from Hope, one from me, and a heart in the middle,” as she described. “Love you, Bye!” Haley closed, but Hoda let it be known that she would like a “MomStart” every day.

The third-hour moms on ‘Today’ are just happy to be back

This week has been the first time that Dylan Dreyer has been with her sister-mom and “Today” co-host, Sheinelle Jones, since December. Sheinelle has only recently returned from her vocal cord surgery, and she has been stationed with her family in South Carolina through the virtual broadcast.

Dreyer only returned from her maternity leave with baby son, Ollie, this week. Oliver George arrived in January. Even though the ladies are only together from separate boxes displayed on a screen, it’s still good to see one another on a regular basis.

Dylan described that she didn't mind the ‘special’ circumstances of the times in one sense, describing how nice it is to have her boys in the next room and work from her living room. Sheinelle Jones was not allowed to speak for three weeks, as she described in a People magazine feature this week. She gave much credit to the nurses “who got me through” and reflected that the quiet time helped her and her children to appreciate listening more.

Dylan Dreyer snuck in one of the best gifts any mom can have-- a kiss with her baby.

This one happened on the air during Saturday's “Weekend Today.” The simplest joys of motherhood have truly come into focus for these “Today” moms.

Jenna and Hoda give honor to their moms on ‘Today’

Jenna Bush Hager and Hoda Kotb didn’t forget to pay honor to their moms on Mother's Day, either. The tributes from the fourth-hour “Today” co-hosts were sweeter than anything from the oven and completely heartfelt. Former first lady, Laura Bush, and Hoda Kotb’s mother, Sameha, known as “Sami,” were just as real as ever with their daughters during the virtual chat.

Jenna’s daughters, Mila and Poppy Hager, kicked off the “Today” grandmommy love, thanking Mrs. Bush for “all the cool stuff she does with us.” Once again, Haley Joy sent love from her and Hope.

Hoda admitted that the dual identities were getting to be a habit. “Haley will say ‘Haley Joy and Hope’ want you to get up mommy,” she described. Two daughters are always better than one on working a parent.

Sami marveled at how Hoda “dances and sings and rolls on the floor with them. I don't remember doing any of that,” she added with a broad smile. What Hoda cherishes most about her mom is her endless optimism. On the cloudiest day, Kotb declares that her mom will say, “I see the sun, yes, there it is!” That same spirit translated well to her daughter. Her “Today” longtime fourth-hour buddy and forever friend, Kathie Lee Gifford, often refers to Hoda as “sunshine in a bottle.”

Hoda also recalled how her mother never said a word when she wore a cowboy hat through six months of high school.

She always fostered independence and a positive belief in each of her children. This year, Kotb recruited her Country Music fave, Blake Shelton, to bestow Mother's Day joy to health workers.

Laura Bush insisted that she and former president George W. Bush aren’t surprised that Jenna ended up on television. As a mother, “she knows how to play with them and have fun with them, and I've never seen her lose her cool,” the former first lady defends.

“Everything good in me comes from you,” Jenna Bush Hager praised of her mom. “But what about your dad?

Mrs. Bush inquired. “He's pretty good, too,” Jenna replied. The family humor is standing through the global storm.

President and Mrs. Bush are enjoying reading, watching TV series, walking the dog, and seeing the Texas wildflowers in bloom. Painting and bike-riding remain fond hobbies for George Bush through quarantine days.

“Today” fans could take a lesson from these morning moms (and daughters). The best gifts, moments, and memories don't require dollar signs—just plenty of heart. Sweet and squishy hugs and kisses can wait for now, as long as love flows. Some may call morning TV Shows all fluff, but some Mother’s Day feeling never hurts.