"90 Day Fiance" star Geoffrey Paschel is determined to clear his name following numerous rumors, concerning his character, that have been making the rounds on the Internet. Geoffrey’s reputation has suffered since he appeared on the fourth season of "90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days." Earlier this year, several women from his past relationships accused Geoffrey of domestic abuse, and it later emerged that the American reality star had battery and sexual assault charges pending in court. When fans learned about the allegations, TLC decided to ban Geoffrey from this season’s Tell-All episodes.

Geoffrey speaks on about his child's death

Geoffrey was disappointed by the network’s decision to deny him a chance to tell his side of the story. However, the Tennessee native was determined to share his side of things, and he recently launched a YouTube channel to clear his name of the allegations he is facing. In his first post, Geoffrey talked about his deceased son, Kazhem. Geoffrey was alleged to be the cause of his son’s death due to his frequent battering of the child and his mother. However, in an emotional video, Geoffrey explained the sequence of events that led to his Kazhem’s death.

The reality star revealed that before Kazhem died, he had won a custody battle with his ex-wife. She had fled to Canada with the child before authorities forced her to hand over Kazhem, and their other child, to Geoffrey.

However, Kazhem suffered some seizures when he was 13 months old, and doctors could not determine the cause of the seizures. Geoffrey claimed that, in an attempt to help Kazhem deal with the seizures, the doctors gave him an overdose of several types of medication which they said would keep him unconscious for 24 hours but that, after that, Kazhem would regain consciousness.

However, Kazhem’s condition deteriorated, and the doctors could not find a way to revive him. Geoffrey tearfully explained that his son died in his arms. After his son’s death, his ex-wife accused him of assaulting the child, and she asked the hospital’s staff to check Kazhem’s body for bruises. After the doctors told her that the child had not been assaulted, Kazhem’s mother insisted that the Department of Child Services investigate Geoffrey’s role in her son’s death.

However, there were no grounds for an investigation since the child did not have any physical injuries when he died at the hospital.

A sad story

Geoffrey and his wife had to go to court again after they disagreed on where to bury Kazhem’s body. Geoffrey won the case and buried his son in Tennessee. Fans were overwhelmed by Geoffrey’s story, with many sympathizing with his situation and giving him their condolences. After talking about his son’s death, Geoffrey said that his next video would explain the reasons behind his many domestic abuse allegations.