"90 Day Fiancé" star Lisa Hamme is having trouble. The reality star recently caused a stir on social media after fans found out that she had used a racial slur during an argument with Usman, her Nigerian husband. In a video clip leaked over the Internet showing scenes from the upcoming Tell "All episodes," Usman accused Lisa of using the N-word during a past argument. The clip circulated widely on social media platforms, and fans have called for TLC to take action on Lisa for her behavior. In a recent interview, Lisa gave details about the controversy and explained her side of the story.

Lisa's life under threat

Speaking on The Domenick Nati Show, Lisa admitted that she had used the N-word during an argument with Usman. She said that the word slipped out in the heat of the moment, and she immediately apologized to Usman. The 53-year-old reality star said that her husband had already forgiven her, but fans were still criticizing her for using the racial slur. Lisa revealed that she has received several death threats ever since the clip surfaced over the Internet. She also said that several celebrities had reached out to her and advised her to lay low due to the controversy. On the other hand, fans have asked her to ramp- up security as the threats are serious and continue to rise.

However, Lisa remains defiant that although, she was in the wrong, fans should not overreact to her situation because she said the word during a personal argument with her husband. Lisa admitted that she has noticed that some fans have already started a petition to have TLC remove her from the show. The American reality star feels that many people are jealous of her marriage to Usman because he is a young good-looking man.

Lisa also condemned her haters by saying that since she had asked for forgiveness, there was no need for fans and the media to continue persecuting her.

While the Tell All episodes for the fourth season of "90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days" are yet to premiere on TLC, fans are already speculating about the fate of Lisa’s marriage.

The leaked portions of the episode have cast doubt over the couple after Usman said that he was tired of Lisa’s controlling attitude. The couple has constantly fought for control in their relationship. Usman has insisted that, as the man, he should make all the decisions, while Lisa has insisted that they are equal partners in the relationship. Throughout the season, fans have accused Lisa of behaving in a brash manner and trying to sabotage Usman’s music career by stopping him from interacting with his female fans. Viewers will have to wait for the Tell Episodes on TLC to find out if Lisa and Usman can overcome their latest scandal.