Geoffrey Paschel’s time on the fourth season of "90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days" did not end well after some serious allegations came to light regarding his troubled past. It emerged that Geoffrey’s ex-wife had accused him of assaulting and raping her last year, and she had even filed a case in court. The accusations affected Geoffrey’s involvement in TLC’s popular reality series, with the network eventually banning him from the yet to be released Tell All episodes. However, Geoffrey has insisted that he is innocent of the rape allegations and that he will clear his name in due time.

Geoffrey Paschel alleged of raping his wife

In a recent interview, the Knoxville native confirmed that he was facing the rape allegations which were brought against him by his ex-wife. The charges were filed in June last year, and Geoffrey revealed that he has tried to seek a quick resolution to the matter and clear his name. However, his attempts to have an early determination of the case have failed to bear fruit due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, which has led to a delay of the case. The American reality star said that he was looking forward to telling his side of the story when the court sessions resume. Geoffrey is confident that once he reveals the truth, fans will change the harsh opinion they have formed of him since the allegations came out.

Geoffrey facing severe criticism

"90 Day Fiance" viewers have not shied away from criticizing Geoffrey, and they were thrilled when his Russian girlfriend on the show, Varya, rejected his proposal. The American had traveled to Russia to meet her in person, but after she declined the proposal, he threw a tantrum and left the country.

Fans felt relieved for Varya since they believed that her relationship to the American reality star would not have ended well due to his history of violence, and his mounting court cases.In addition to the rape allegations, Geoffrey is also embroiled in a custody battle with his fourth ex-wife, Brittany. The couple has been fighting over their son’s custody since 2017.

Another woman who claimed to be Geoffrey’s second wife also came forward and revealed that she had filed assault charges against him in 2004.

After fans learned about Geoffrey’s checkered past, TLC decided to ban the controversial reality star from this season’s Tell-All episodes and cast reunions. Even though he was disappointed by the decision, Geoffrey announced that he was considering telling his truth on his YouTube channel, and he would even take questions from fans and reveal some secrets about his time on the show. However, with several women accusing him of assault, fans are skeptical of the American reality star’s claims that he is innocent of all charges.