Just when things seem to be going well between Lisa Hamme and Usman Umar, an awkward confrontation will happen between them. The "90 Day Fiance" stars will have an argument once again in the next "Before the 90 Days" episode. In the brand new episode of "Before the 90 Days" on Sunday, Lisa discovers that Usman wrote to a woman that he loves her. This becomes the cause of an argument between the two reality stars.

Based on the teasers, Lisa confronts Usman right away after seeing the message. She expresses her unhappiness and disappointment at what she read in the phone conversation.

According to her, she had already been cheated on before. She felt she had the right to be pissed off about what she saw on his phone. Usman, for his part, explains that he did not mean anything romantic in the conversation. He was only trying to be nice to the other person. He also urges her to “be patient” and to try to understand the things his career demands of him.

In a confessional in the clip, Lisa said that she believes Usman. However, she also thinks that Usman has not been in a relationship with an independent woman. She promises that she is the type of woman who will put Usman in his place if she needs to.

Lisa Hamme and her bouts of jealousy

Ever since she appeared on "90 Day Fiance," Lisa Hamme has been a controversial figure.

Fans are largely divided on how to react to her because she is known for her jealousy. Lisa notably got confronted over her jealousy. Usman’s friends told her that she could derail her boyfriend’s career in Nigeria. She previously expressed her discomfort at Usman’s large female following. She even tried to force Usman to edit out a female model that appeared in one of his music videos.

Usman Umar on marrying more than one woman

Usman Umar also had his own set of controversial statements lately. Last month, he got interviewed in a podcast where he announced his intention to marry more than one woman. As a Muslim man, Usman can marry as much as four wives. In reaction to the statement, Lisa indicated that he must ensure he can financially provide for all of his wives.

According to her, she does not have any interest in sharing her money with his other wives in the future.

Lisa, Usman on '90 Day Fiance'

In the most recent "Before the 90 Days" episodes, Usman Umar and Lisa Hamme were busy trying to get his mother’s blessing. The "90 Day Fiance" cast members need to get her blessing first before they can marry each other. Thankfully, Usman was able to convince his mother to approve of their plans. It is said that he will soon relocate to America. Catch more of Lisa Hamme and Usman Umar in the next "90 Day Fiance" episode. "Before the 90 Days" airs every Sunday, 08:00 PM ET on TLC.