Usman Umar finally broke his silence regarding a controversy that Lisa Hamme is involved in. The "90 Day Fiance" star spoke up after a few days of staying quiet about the issue. Usman took to Instagram to address the multiple direct messages he has been getting from friends and fans. According to him, a lot of people were concerned with how Lisa called him the N-word in the past.

He said that he felt bad and disappointed about the controversy. However, Usman also promised that Lisa will behave better moving forward. He also urged people to no longer worry about him.

Usman attached a picture of himself in the post. In the photo, he can be seen wearing a black and red plaid jacket and jogger pants. Usman’s post garnered a mixed response among his followers. A lot of his followers encouraged him to leave Lisa for being controlling and rude. Fans also called him a coward for apologizing on behalf of his wife. Fans asked him to force Lisa to issue an apology for the N-word and be a man. A few also expressed how much they look forward to seeing more of their relationship on screen.

Fans slam Lisa Hamme for using the N-word

Fans caught Lisa Hamme using the N-word after leaked footage from "90 Day Fiance" hit the Internet. Usman Umar can also be heard confessing that it was not the first time his girlfriend called him the N-word.

In the footage, "90 Day Fiance" host Shaun Robinson asked them if they were still together. It was at that point when Usman told everyone that Lisa called her the controversial name. Lisa then began talking loudly to try to drown out what Usman was saying. According to her, his statements could lead to her getting more negative comments and messages online.

Usman was already getting emotional at that point. Despite Lisa’s attempts to talk loudly, Shaun encouraged Usman to voice out his opinions.

Lisa reportedly already married to Usman Umar?

Despite their tense arguments and confrontations, there are rumors that Usman Umar and Lisa Hamme are already married. People took this as a sign that the couple will show up in the "90 Day Fiance" main show soon.

Lisa herself sparked these rumors. She recently uploaded a picture of her and Usman’s hands-on Instagram. In the picture, her followers can clearly see the rings on their respective fingers. In the caption, she also teasingly wrote “Mr & Mrs. Usman Sojaboy.” Sojaboy is Usman’s celebrity name in Nigeria.

A few fans thought that the two have already broken up with each other. The past weeks have been full of tense back-and-forth between the two reality show personalities. However, Lisa clarified that there is nothing true about the breakup rumors. "90 Day Fiance" fans will learn more about Usman Umar and Lisa Hamme in the next "Before the 90 Days" episode. The reality show airs every Sunday, 08:00 PM ET on TLC.