Ever since "90 Day Fiancé" star Ed “Big Ed” Brown appeared on the fourth season of "90 Day Fiancé," his popularity has skyrocketed. Many fans have followed him on social media, and he has become one of the most talked-about reality stars on the Internet. Big Ed often holds live Q&A sessions with his fans on Instagram. Recently, the 54-year-old repeated a controversial remark that had made him the subject of intense criticism.

Big Ed's conversation

In his latest Q&A session, Big Ed picked an excited female fan for an interview. The fan expressed her gratitude to Big Ed for picking her.

However, after a few routine questions, the interview took a dramatic turn when Big Ed asked the fan why she brushed her teeth regularly. The fan replied that it was to maintain good oral hygiene. Big Ed cheekily disagreed and told the fan that people brush their teeth so that their breath can smell pretty. The San Diego reality star laughed mockingly and acknowledged that he would be criticized for making the comment.

The remark about teeth brushing was a reference to Big Ed’s time on the show. In a controversial scene, Big Ed gifted his girlfriend, Rosemarie, with a toothbrush; some toothpaste, and some mouthwash and told her that he had bought the gifts because her breath did not smell pretty.

Fans felt angered by Big Ed’s comments, and they alleged that his real intention was to humiliate his Filipino girlfriend. The couple’s relationship deteriorated as the show progressed, and they eventually broke up after disagreeing on Big Ed’s vasectomy plans.

Rosemarie told Big Ed that she wanted more kids in the future, but her boyfriend did not agree to cancel his planned vasectomy.

In addition to their argument over the operation, Rosemarie also felt that Big Ed had disrespected her many times during their time on the show. Apart from the humiliating pretty breath comment, Big Ed had also asked his 23-year-old girlfriend to take an STD test.

Big Ed, the '90 Day Fiancé' stars distrust on Rose

The American reality star had expressed his distrust of Rosemarie’s sexual past.

The request did not make him popular with viewers, and many fans have accused Big Ed of acting like a pervert. The 54-year-old had earlier asked Rosemarie to shave her legs, saying that he was used to dating women with shaved legs in America. However, his Filipino girlfriend appears to have had enough of his antics, and she has criticized her ex-boyfriend’s behavior on social media. Rosemarie has promised to reveal the truth about her relationship with Big Ed on her YouTube channel. Fans will also get to find out why their relationship failed once TLC releases this season’s Tell-All episodes in the coming weeks.