With only a few episodes of "90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days" remaining, Rosemarie Vega is standing up for herself after her breakup with Big Ed. The Filipino reality star broke up with her American boyfriend after he insisted on having a vasectomy even though she wanted to have more kids in the future. Since splitting up, the couple has traded insults, and recently, Rosemarie hit back at Big Ed’s thinly veiled comment about her as he was interacting with a fan.

Big Ed vs Rose

During a live Instagram Q&A session, Big Ed questioned a fan about the importance of brushing teeth.

The fan replied that she brushed her teeth to maintain good oral hygiene, but Big Ed cheekily disagreed and said that people brush their teeth so that their breath smells pretty. It was clear that Big Ed was referring to a comment he had made on the show when he told Rosemarie that her breath was not pretty. To prove his point, the American reality star gifted his girlfriend some toothpaste, a toothbrush, and some mouthwash.

Big Ed’s curt comments caught Rosemarie’s attention, and she has fired back with a scathing remark of her own. The 23-year-old reality star recently polled fans about who they would choose between her and Big Ed. After fans voted, Rosemarie posted the results, and 95-percent of the fans said that they would choose Team Rose.

The Filipino star thanked fans for their support, and she then went ahead to share a funny comment that one of her fans made about her ex-boyfriend. The comment claimed that the 5-percent of fans that had voted for Big Ed were not real people. The fan joked that Big Ed had voted on the poll in a bid to shore up his votes.

The war of words between Big Ed and Rosemarie could escalate ahead of the Tell All episodes, which will premiere on TLC in the next couple of weeks.

Some leaked video clips have shown Big Ed clashing with a fellow cast member over his treatment of Rosemarie. Big Ed and Lisa Hamme got into a fight after he accused her of treating her husband, Usman, like a slave. However, Lisa defended herself and insinuated that Big Ed was a sexual predator. She also blamed the San Diego resident for his breakup with Rosemarie by claiming that he had not treated her respectfully.

Lisa thanked Rose

Lisa later revealed that Rosemarie reached out to her and thanked her for defending her during the Tell All episode. The Filipino reality star has promised that she will reveal the truth about her relationship with Big Ed on her YouTube channel. The next few weeks could see an escalation of hostilities between the two reality stars as they try to outshine each other on social media. Stay tuned for more news and updates on "90 Day Fiance."