Some "90 Day Fiance" fans think David Murphy is not really looking for a life partner. Instead, they believe that the reality show personality only wants Lana because he needs to have a child. A lot of fans are suspicious about David’s intentions with Lana. Despite the obvious red flags, he has still insisted on continuing his communications with her. They concluded that David might be feeling desperate to have a child, at this point. He is getting older and perhaps he wants to experience being a father.

David and Lana finally meet

"90 Day Fiance" surprised fans last week after revealing that David Murphy finally met up with Lana.

Before last week’s episode, a lot of fans were sure that David’s Ukrainian girlfriend was not a real person. In the most recent episode of the reality series, Lana finally showed up to a meeting with David. After seeing him, she immediately called him her “soulmate.”

She confessed that she did not have a lot of relationships in the past and she had never been engaged. She said that she signed up for the dating site because she wanted to meet a worthy man. After meeting him on the dating site, she felt that David would be a great partner for her. She also said that she was always honest about the reasons why she was unable to meet him up in the past. She decided to finally see him in the flesh once she felt ready to figure out their relationship.

David’s previous attempts at meeting Lana

Before he finally saw Lana in person, David tried to meet up with her multiple times. She stood him up repeatedly, which was why people were quick to think that she was not a real person. In a previous "90 Day Fiance" episode, David waited in vain for Lana in a Ukrainian train station.

They were supposed to meet up there while he was on his Russian trip.

Disappointed, he then made the decision to drive eight hours up to the town where Lana supposedly lives. He tried to meet up with her but she did not show up. Even worse, he went to Lana’s previously given address. However, he did not find her there. Instead, he found an old man who said that he does not know anyone named Lana.

David Murphy blames '90 Day Fiance' editing

David Murphy recently spoke out about his experience on "90 Day Fiance." According to the Las Vegas resident, he felt that the show’s editing had made Lana look bad. In leaked clips of the show’s Tell-All special, David confessed how upset he was. He still insisted that Lana did not catfish him at all. Learn more about David Murphy and Lana on "90 Day Fiance." The next episode will be on TLC on Sunday, May 24. Let us know what you think about Murphy and Lana's relationship. Stay tuned for more news and updates on "90 Day Fiance."