The "90 Day Fiance" star Big Ed was invited to a podcast to "The Night Time Show," it was an interesting podcast, Big Ed explained how his relationship with Rose started. The host asked Big Ed questions about how his relationship began with Rose, he replied saying he met her on Facebook and later booked a flight to visit her. Then his friend Rich told him to consider trying out the "90 Day Fiance." He reached out to the director, and he was asked several questions about his relationship with Rose, and, according to what he said, the director was quick to get him on the show.

It happened within a week.

Big Ed explained that he was just himself and did nothing to make himself look good on the show. He said he was also himself when he told Rose to brush her teeth which she and fans later took as an insult.

Big Ed explained why he asked Rose to take an STD Test

Big Ed said that he wanted her to take an STD test because he had not been in a relationship for a long time. Later, he admitted he asked the wrong way.

Big Ed also said that he never thought about Rose as a little girl, he just wanted to help her.

Big Ed tells how he met Rose on Facebook

Big Ed was also asked about how he met Rose on Facebook. He said that he saw her in the "people you may know" section and there was something about her eyes, so he sent her a friend request.

It took about two and a half months before she responded to his message on Facebook. They talked for a long time. He told her that he was 54 years old and she was old enough to be her dad. Surprisedly, Big Ed is old enough to be Rose's dad. He wanted to just be friends with her, but she didn't want that and told him that age is just a number.

Big Ed said on the podcast that he talked to her daily and also spoke to her son. He stated that he did not send Rose any money before he went to the Philippines, but he bought clothes and other stuff and sent it to her. He purchased a ticket without caring what anybody thought and went to visit Rose in the Philippines.

Big Ed and Rose update

From previews of the upcoming episode, it seems like Big Ed and Rose's relationship might be ending. The couple has, so far, entertained the "90 Day Fiance" fans and is one of the most popular couples in "90 Days fiance: Before the 90 Day."

What's next

The "90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days" Reality TV show is scheduled to air on the TLC channel on Sunday. If you are not able to get the TLC channel, I recommend subscribing to TLC's YouTube channel as you might get short clips of what happens in the show.

If you want to listen to the podcast you can search Big Ed, on "The Night Time show."