The latest "90 Days Fiance" episode kicked off on the TLC channel on Sunday. It started getting interesting with Rose and Ed. Fans seemed excited to watch the couple.

Rose expressed her mind as she told Ed he's a liar and also told him how he insulted her in the past. She said Ed lied about his height and he's actually 4'11 feet, not 5'2. She also said it was an insult for Ed to ask her to take an STD test. Not only that, but he also gave her a toothbrush and told her to brush her teeth and said her breath smelled terrible. Rose later explained that her mouth odor was due to an ulcer, not because she didn't brush her teeth or take care of them.

Rose does not think Ed loves her and she said Ed thinks she likes him only for his money. Their relationship, so far, has not been that great and they seemingly deal with trust issues. When Rose's sister asked Ed for money to pay for her store, Ed thought it had something to do with Rose.

She told Ed "You always embarrass me, and make me feel small," adding, "I think that you do not love me."

"I might be poor but I am raised to always tell the truth and be respectful of others!" reads a quote on her promotional poster. "But I also know when enough is enough."

Rose wants a child

She explained to Ed before that she wanted to have children with him and he agreed, but later disagreed which made Rose mad and disappointed because she wanted to have kids with him.

According to ET Online, Ed told TLC that he lied to Rose about not wanting to have kids with Rose. He said he was scared she would no longer talk to him online again.

According to ET Online, Ed traveled from San Diego, California to the Philippines to meet Rose for the first. The couple met on Facebook. Ed admits he trusted Rose after he asked her if she had anything to do with her sister asking him for money.

She denied it.

Although she told Ed multiple times that she wants two kids, 23-year-old Rose has a 4-year-old child named Prince from a previous relationship.

Although Ed might not want to have kids, given his age, he insists that he has money to take care of Rose and Prince, her child. He also has made up his mind not to have any more kids.

Ed has already raised a 29-year-old daughter, Tiffany from his previous marriage.

Rose was not happy because she wanted a child and she dreamed about that. But, Ed didn't want to make her dream come to pass. Rose told Ed all she had to say as she stood up and left, saying, "I'm done."

Is this the end of the couple relationship?

The relationship she has with Ed could be over. Rose is not happy; she does not like the fact that he's lying and insults her. Practically, no woman likes that. Fans were delighted that she was strong and able to speak out about what she wants from Ed. Ed has made up his mind to get a vasectomy and if he succeeds in getting the surgery he will no longer be able to make a Rose pregnant.