Anna Campisi, one of the "90 Day Fiancé" cast members recently posted a photo of herself from five years ago, April 8, 2020.

In the photo, she looked badly hurt in a car. She wore a face cap and people jacket, with her seatbelt on. Her left eye was swollen and she looked sad. She went ahead in her caption to explain that it was an old photo of her from when she newly started beekeeping. She gave a little story of how she got stung by the bee, saying that she advised her friend to "move the hive in the dark when bees are inside, close the hive, all the basics." Her friend ignored her and did what she wanted.

The reality star explained that even if she was far away from the bees, one bee managed to sting her very fast.

Anna Campisi fans in the comment

A lot of her fans showed concern in her comments. Some of them were a bit upset that her friend did not take her to advise while some of them failed to read the "90 Day Fiancé" reality star's caption completely before jumping into conclusion, they thought it was a recent picture

Updates on the 90 day fiancé reality star

Anna has been posting a lot of her work on Instagram, these few days. She has even taken to her social media account to educate her one hundred and thirty-three thousand followers a bit about beekeeping. She posted a photo of a beehive and educated her fans ok how important dandelions are to bees.

She said that dandelions serve as food for bees and begged her fans to stop spraying dandelions.

She also posted another photo, educating her fans of the difference between some "stripped yellow insects." She explained in her caption that some people might have confused another insect for bee because a bee would not harm you if you see it in a tree.

One of her fans asked her why bees chase people and she said it was probably because they liked their smell.

Anna and Mursel are going stronger

While the reality star seems to be enjoying her work during this self-isolation, she is also bonding with her Turkish husband. The duo is going stronger and is looking happy together.

She posted a cute photo of Mursel and her saying that he was suffocating her with love but she wasn't complaining. There was also a video of Mursel singing to her.

According to Soap Dirt, Anna revealed in an Instagram Q&A that she and Mursel were thinking of having a baby together. She has also opened up saying that although she may have some health issues and not be able to have a child she's open to other options. She also said that she has been cooking Turkish food for Mursel during the quarantine because he's been homesick. She also said that he talks to his family on the phone too.

What do you think of Anna and Mursel? Do you like bees?