Ed Brown is again courting outrage among the "90 Day Fiance" fanbase with his latest stunt. This was after fans caught him trolling Rosemarie Vega through a fake account on social media. An Instagram fan page (IG: 90dayfiancememeage) exposed Big Ed after posting a screenshot of his correspondence with another fan through a troll account. The fake account (IG: roctonmcm) was seen spreading messages of hate about Rosemarie.

Based on the images, the fan sent a direct message to the fake account and asked if Big Ed owned it. The account replied in the affirmative, saying that he needed to defend himself.

In the comments section of Ed’s post, roctonmcm praised the "Before the 90 Days" star for not marrying his Filipino girlfriend. The fake account then mocked Rosemarie Vega for her ulcer, calling her a “stinky girl.”

The account also called out the women who declared that Big Ed sexually harassed them for only coming out when he was already famous. The comment indicated that this was a “typical” thing for women to do. After the fan account exposed Ed Brown and his reported attempts to troll, fans slammed the "Before the 90 Days" cast member. They told him that he should just stop talking negatively about Rosemarie. There was no confirmation that Ed was indeed behind the troll account. As of now, the fake account has gone private.

In other "90 Day Fiance" news, a major online magazine recently interviewed with Ed Brown. In the interview, he admitted that he had been bullied for his appearance since he was a young boy. According to him, his neck was the source of a lot of bullying he received. However, he also said that he has already learned to embrace how he looks.

Rosemarie Vega does the Chubby Bunny Challenge for Mother’s Day

Rosemarie Vega is trying to capitalize on the popularity she achieved on the reality series. She recently launched a YouTube vlog to help her make ends meet. To celebrate Mother’s Day, she posted a video of her doing the Chubby Bunny Challenge. Her 4-year-old son, Prince, appeared in the clip.

The video garnered more than 117,000 views, on the video-sharing platform, within a day.

Big Ed, Rosemarie in last Sunday’s 'Before the 90 Days' episode

In last Sunday’s "90 Day Fiance" episode, it looked like Ed Brown and Rosemarie Vega would have to face another hurdle in their relationship. This was after she found out that he planned to undergo a vasectomy surgery when he got back to America. Rosemarie felt betrayed because she was always vocal about her dream to have two more children. She had trouble processing the information, which led her to leave Big Ed, for a short time, in their hotel. It is unknown whether Ed Brown and Rosemarie Vega will be able to resolve their latest issue. Stay tuned in the next episode of "Before the 90 Days" on Sunday to find out.