"90 Day Fiance" is one of the most popular TV Shows in the world. Zied, from Season 3 of the franchise, recently uploaded a photo of his tattoo, on Instagram, and fans were loving the design. He captioned the post saying: "good tattoos or no?"

Rebecca Parrott, Zied's wife commented saying: "Baby you look so s*xy! Iove this! What a surprise! Zied replied: "thank you, love."

Zied shared another photo of his tattoos, but this time they were on both hands. Rebecca commented saying: "Damn, baby you're going to need a bodyguard to keep the girls off."

Are Zied tattoos real?

No, It is not a real tattoo.

It is temporary and should be easy to remove.

A fan asked if the tattoos were real, and he answered that they weren't. Zied is a Muslim and, in the Muslim religion, tattoos are forbidden.

Rebecca and Zied on '90 Day Fiance'

Despite the fact that there is a 20-year age difference between Zied Hakimi and Rebecca Parrott, the couple was still able to get married, though, with criticism. Zied also struggled with the fact that Rebecca was not legally divorced from her husband. He admitted that he was bothered about her past relationship. He tried to regulate the way she dressed, which created arguments in their relationship.

Rebecca and Zied wedding

According to Intouchweekly, Zied and Rebecca got married on April 19, 2020.

This means that Zied is approved and is now living in the United States with Rebecca, maybe in Georgia.

On May 29, 2020, his visa was approved this allowed him to relocate from Tunisia where he was living before to the United States.

Rebecca Parrott works in a restaurant

Rebecca Parrott revealed that she is working in a restaurant as a manager.

She also explained that she has a degree in culinary arts.

Surprisingly, she said that she has been working in the restaurant industry for many years. She already has experience in cooking and is able to make a meal with lobsters and crab, which is difficult to prepare.

Rebecca Parrott planned to become a private investigator

Rebecca Parrott shared a post, back in December, on how she plans to become a private investigator. This raised a lot of questions. Before she joined the show she was a motorcycle mechanic and kept the job for more than a year. Rebecca might not become a private investigator because of the huge time and effort used to qualify for the job.

Rebecca Parrott shows a picture of herself without makeup and filters

Rebecca usually uses a filter and makeup. She revealed the photo of what she looked like without makeup. She was proud of herself for looking beautiful at 49-years-old.