The "90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After," season 5, episode 4 started off with excitement as fans witnessed a shocking fight with Asuelu and his wife. The fight was so massive that the TLC producers had to step in, Asuelu later said he no longer wanted to film.

Viewers were first introduced to the couple, Asuelu and Kalani, in the Season six of the "90 Day Fiance," Kalani fell in love with Asuelu during a vacation in Samoa. She got pregnant and gave birth to their son who is now 2-years-old.

Asuelu and Kalani argues

Things have not really been going well between Kalani and Asuelu, Asuelu doesn't help her with the kids.

Asuelu might not feel he is the man of the house because he is leaving with Kalani's parents. Asuelu wanted to take a trip with Kalani and soon to see his family, but Kalani said no, he could be upset because he is missing his family. Kalani didn't want him to go to his home town because of the outbreak of measles in the country, which is a viral infection for small children.

The couples went for a trip and things because more complicated when Kalani said she only slept for 3 hours because their son was sick. Asuelu used the previous event when Kalani canceled the trip because of the outbreak of measles against her and said that they should have called the trip because their "son's health comes first."

Asuelu has made some statements, that can be considered nasty, towards the woman.

He referred to doctors only as “boys” and assumed that females or all women are nurses only. He also said that women in America have a "machine" to do everything and that, in Asuelu's country of Samoa, women take care of children and do not complain. Kalani replied to him, asking him if it is was so easy then why didn't he help around the house.

When she said that she was with her son all night he called her a "lying b**ch." He also told her that her voice was annoying. As things were getting heated Kalani's mom jumped into the fray saying that he was disrespectful to her daughter. Kalani asked Asuelu if he could talk to her like that in front of her father to which he responded that it was a "stupid question."

When they finally arrived in California, Kalani tried to talk to Asuelu in the backyard and they continued to argue about the situation.

Kalani told the TLC camera that Asuelu was used to subservient women, but the women in her family are not subservient.

Asuelu leaves the house

Asuelu left Kalani's house, their son followed him, outside in the street, crying. He found a public bus, and the producers asked where he was going. Asuelu replied that he would try to find his way back to Utah. The producers took off his mic, he entered the bus with his luggage and took off.